Food network jack clifford

Creating the Concept of "Celebrity Chefs" Jack Clifford of The Food Network

food network jack clifford

Hearty Arizona Chili for Cold Fall Nights


SE, beginning at 3 p. In the book, Clifford shares how Elmo Wierenga, former principal of Ottawa Hills High School in Grand Rapids, impacted his life by simply taking an interest in him and believing in him when no one else did. It was the only way to get ahead. He became the first member of his family to receive a college degree, entirely paying his own way, and then went on to found Food Network. Clifford has not forgotten his Grand Rapids roots and is committed to giving back to the community he came from. In , he partnered with the Grand Rapids Community Foundation on a scholarship fund for students with similar backgrounds to his.

As co-founder of the Food Network, he helped steer it into a revolutionary enterprise that did for cooking what ESPN did for sports, eventually reaching about million U. Treating food as entertainment and not just fuel, it ushered in an era of celebrity chefs, date nights at cooking schools, and Instagrammable meals at restaurants. America is a foodie nation now. He was If he made up his mind about something, you better get out of the way.

Photo by Frank Sabatini Jr. Jack Clifford quickly agrees with critics that programming on the Food Network is vastly different today than when he launched it in to , households and not necessarily for the better. The affable Michigan native, who now resides in Chula Vista and also owns a home in Coronado, will share his tales and sign copies of the book at a. Clifford sold the Food Network to Belo Corporation in Dallas in after expanding its reach to more than million households. Decades before creating it, he started out as a sports announcer and disc jockey for an AM radio station in Kalamazoo, MI while completing his degree in communications from Western Michigan University.

Food Network co-founder Jack Clifford dies at 85

Jack Clifford dies; Phoenix sportscaster and philanthropist went on to co-found the Food Network

In , the former cable TV executive, now a full-time San Diego resident, led the team that launched the groundbreaking channel that did for cooking what ESPN did for sports and CNN did for around-the-clock television news. Heaps of enthusiasm, sprinkled with good connections, mixed with tenacity and a single serving of pragmatism. His classmates voted him that, but clearly he proved them wrong. You went with him. At the time, Clifford was the chairman of broadcast and cable at Colony Communications, owned by the Providence Journal, in Rhode Island. He was looking for a start-up idea for a network that would attract an untapped niche market, one that had not just a large potential viewership but one that he could sell to big national advertisers.

Food Network founder returns to Grand Rapids

Jack Clifford began his career as a sportscaster in Phoenix and wound up helping create the Food Network. He graduated from Western Michigan University, where he helped build a campus radio station, in Working in television is a nomadic life; Clifford would wind up as executive vice president of a communications company in Providence, Rhode Island. In the early s, a colleague there began talking with Clifford about a cable network devoted to food something that seems like a no-brainer now but not so much 26 years ago. It coincided and helped usher in the rise of celebrity chefs and cooking shows. That made me a fortune. He loved telling stories.



Jack Clifford began his career as a sportscaster in Phoenix and wound up helping create the Food Network. Clifford, 85, died Sunday, July
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