Sing me to sleep lyrics

Sing Me to Sleep, Dear Mammy Lyrics

sing me to sleep lyrics

Alan Walker - Sing Me To Sleep (Lyrics / Lyric Video) Letra

2017   con   per   con    accordi i giardini di marzo   prima canzone dei one direction

Album Reviews. Top Bands. Sing Me to Sleep Lyrics. Band King Sing Me to Sleep. Sing me to sleep Sing me to sleep Sing me to sleep, pretty mamma, to the beat That's if you have time That's if you have time That's if you have time That's if you have time Go back, back when I was younger We were filled with hope and filled with wonder and we would rule the town And we would take a bullet for each other and all we ever wanted was a lover And we would rule the town Lay down, way down in the cracks And we would sell our souls and we ain't ever wantem back Lay down, way down in the cracks And we would sell our souls and we ain't ever wantem back And she would pucker her lips, roll with her hips And she moved like the ocean was the potion, was a fix Had a, so thick it filled my fists And she said "I don't wanna die but I don't wanna live like this.

I think it's about someone who wants to commit suicide so that they can see an old friend who died i know, very sad, but The lyrics, "sing me to sleep," come across to me as the words that one would speak to death- "sleep" might refer to death and how the singer wants to go peacefully, without pain. I think that Sing me to sleep is about a person whose lover is no longer by the person's side. The line "Our memories will be my lullaby" means that she will make their memories together be her lullaby along with the next line "Sing me to sleep now" and will be the one to "sing" her to "sleep" means that she will always remember and treasure their memories. So she is asking the ghost of her boyfriend to sing her to sleep I think they always are imagining the good times they had together.

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Alan Walker - Sing me to sleep LYRICS (feat. Iselin Solheim)

"Sing Me to Sleep" Lyrics

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Wait a second, let me catch my breath Remind me how it feels to hear your voice Your lips are moving, I can't hear a thing Livin' life as if we had a choice. Anywhere, anytime I would do anything for you Anything for you Yesterday got away Melodies stuck inside your head A song in every breath. Sing me to sleep, now Sing me to sleep Oh, just sing me to sleep now Sing me to sleep. Remember me now, time cannot erase I can hear your whispers in my mind I've become what you cannot embrace Our memory will be my lullaby. Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias. Compartir en Facebook Compartir en Twitter.




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