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First released on 26 October for the PlayStation 2 , San Andreas has an in-game radio that can tune into eleven stations playing more than tracks of licensed music, as well as a talk radio station. The songs featured on the radio stations originated in the early s, the period in which the game is set. The game's music has been released on two official soundtracks: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Soundtrack , released in November , consists of selections from the in-game radio; and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Soundtrack Box Set , released in December , consists of eight volumes comprising highlights from the game's radio stations. Critical reception to the soundtracks was positive, as reviewers felt that the selected tracks connected appropriately with the gameplay and period. It was released as a three-disc album on November 23, , by Interscope Records. The first two discs featured the songs, while the third disc is a DVD featuring The Introduction , a short machinima video depicting events prior to the game.

This page gives you a slight preview of what you'll be hearing on the radio when playing GTA San Andreas. The Funktipus will open your eyes to what is really happening out there. Where soul meets preppy. Philip is also available for weddings, funerals and Bar Mitzvahs. The legendary Marshall Law sound system has moved from Kingston to San Andreas, bringing with them the best in dancehall, raga, reggae and dub.

You can even tune between them. Pi computers the world over have rescued otherwise defunct devices from the rubbish heap and are often cited as a great example of upcycling. This project first appeared in The MagPi issue Sign up to our newsletter to get a free digital edition of The MagPi every month. Subscribe in print for months and get a free Raspberry Pi computer. The hilarious talk-shows and skits make it even more real. That little feature is what makes it real in my opinion.

The soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas , which is set in in the West Coast state of San Andreas , is made up of in-game radio stations which play a variety of music from various genres. In addition to contemporary s music, it also includes music from the s, s, s and s. For the first time in the game series, all the songs are licensed, the complete opposite of GTA 1. Althought most vehicles in the game can tune in the radio, some, such as emergency vehicles, play a police radio track instead, and others, such as bicycles and tractors, are not equipped with radioes. Instead of playing the radios using the mechanics of the previous games that is, having a single file looped and thus playing the songs, commentary and commercials always in the same order , GTA San Andreas introduced a different mechanic of playing the radios: the game itself randomizes the playlist, DJ commentary during and between songs, and other aspects such as weather reports. Some stations, most notably WCTR , changes its programming as the game progresses, sometimes reflecting events within the game or subplots occurring within the radio programming.


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  1. The soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is set in in the West Coast state of San Andreas, is made up of in-game radio stations which play.

  2. The soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is set in at the West Coast state of San Andreas, required that the game's radio stations reflect the.

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