Istituto galileo ferraris torino

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istituto galileo ferraris torino

L'Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRIM) e un ente pubblico nazionale, con sede a Torino, vigilato dal Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Universita e della Ricerca, fusione, avvenuta nel gennaio , dell'Istituto elettrotecnico nazionale "Galileo Ferraris" con l'Istituto di metrologia "Gustavo Colonnetti" del CNR.

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Homepage Key Personnel Key Publications. INRIM carries out studies and researches on the realization of primary standards for the basic and derived units of the International System of units SI , assures the maintenance of such standards and their international comparison. Its main research and development areas are in fundamental physics, nanoscience and metrology for quality of life. INRIM has a staff of about employees, within a campus of , m 2 with 36, m 2 laboratories. Most of the activities related to Mathematical Modelling and Statistics are within the Division of Metrology for Quality of Life, which carries on research activities in the fields of biomedical metrology, food metrology, energy and environment, cooperating with public and private bodies to support the metrological needs of the Country related to the citizen wellbeing and the environment protection. Key personnel. Alessandra Manzin Alessandra Manzin received the M.

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Actually, it has quite an age since it was created by the merger of two research centres, the Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale Galileo Ferraris and the Istituto di Metrologia Gustavo Colonnetti , both established in Turin in the last century. The history of these institutes and the history of the Italian metrology have moved forward together. In Italy, the development of the science of measurement was stimulated by industries appearing in the Piedmont region in the second half of the nineteenth century. Turin, which in had lost its role of Italy's capital city in favor of Florence, found a new calling as industrial city. A dedicated committee studied how to transform the former capital of the Italian kingdom in an industrial metropolis based on the British model. The project was successful: in a few years, ministries and embassies gave way to factories and laboratories.

Si occupa di scienza delle misure e dei materiali, sviluppa tecnologie e dispositivi innovativi. Fra i vari compiti, fino al ha fornito il segnale orario campione per la RAI [1]. Compie ricerche, ampiamente riconosciute a livello internazionale, nel campo della scienza delle misure e dei materiali e sulle tecnologie innovative. Numerosi sono gli ambiti di ricerca di base ed applicata, le costanti fisiche fondamentali, i materiali, la metrologia per la chimica, le nanotecnologie, la realizzazione di nuovi dispositivi e strumentazione innovativa per la misurazione, studi sull'informazione quantistica e la visione artificiale. A seguito della riorganizzazione dell'Ente avvenuta nel [3] , le nuove Divisioni e le loro competenze sono:. La Divisione sviluppa nuove conoscenze, tecnologie e metodi per la metrologia scientifica fondamentale.

He achieved the Physics Laurea in at University of Torino, on the simulation and fabrication of semiconductor power devices, in cooperation with International Rectifier Corporation Italy. He worked as a free-lance in the field of computer graphics and multimedia IBM Italy, Apple Italy he joined the Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale "Galileo Ferraris", Department of Acoustics, with a grant on the development of modulated phothermal reflectance for the study of transport phenomena in semiconductors at IENGF. In he obtained a permanent position of researcher in the same Department. From his research activity has been focused on the study, production and characterisation of porous silicon PS layers for sensors and microsystems, in the new technological facility of the Quantum Research Laboratory. From to he has been the responsible of industrial projects with Italian firms like Olivetti Balteadisk and ST-Microlectronics on porous silicon micromachining for bubble-jet and Silicon On Insulator technologies. In the basic research activity, from he started the first studies on interaction between Nitrogen Dioxide and Porous Silicon, contributing to clarify the phenomenon of NO 2 chemisorption and boron impurities reactivation in mesoporous silicon and leading to a number of high impact factors papers and citations until today. P36 P42, P53, P

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Video del Liceo Scientifico Galileo-Ferraris di Torino

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  1. La sede storica. Il palazzo dell'ex Istituto Galileo Ferraris, oggi INRIM. Torino, Monte dei Cappuccini e fiume Po Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT). INRIM, Sala Conferenze ore Seminario. Logo del Workshop e immagine stilizzata dei principali monumenti di Torino Logo del progetto Galileo Time Service Provider.

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