Dammi solo un minuto i pooh

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dammi solo un minuto i pooh

Translation of 'Dammi solo un minuto' by Pooh from Italian to English.

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Mellotrons used: All title: band's own M I Pooh formed in and, incredibly, are still going, with no periods of inactivity in between. Most surprisingly, albums as late as 's live Palasport still feature keys man Roby Facchinetti's trusty Mellotron, albeit in a supporting role. In fairness, the album's far from unpleasant, but this is essentially progressive rock for an Italian audience that prefers big, orchestral balladry, but will go along with the band's more muso ambitions. Facchinetti's Mellotron is credited, but all but inaudible, what with the orchestra splashed all over the album, its only even possible sighting being the background strings on Credo, but I wouldn't even swear to that. Their second album of that year, Forse Ancora Poesia , drops the epics, leaving the band in a kind of vacuum, before they reinvented themselves as full-on pop-rockers the following year. As a result, it's probably their weakest album of the period, not helped by what I take to be even more minimal Mellotron use than before, with naught but some ridiculously background flutes on Peter Jr.

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Pooh was an Italian pop band formed in in Bologna. Over the course of their career they sold over million records. They are famous for progressive songs like " Parsifal ", " Dove comincia il sole ", " Odissey ". In the summer of , Roby Facchinetti Keyboards replaced Gillot, in Dodi Battaglia Guitar replaced both the guitarists and in the band recruited Stefano D'Orazio, the drummer of the Naufraghi , to replace Negrini, who stayed as main lyricist. The most enduring line-up was established in , when Fogli left the group and was replaced by Red Canzian, a progressive rock guitarist who quickly learned to play the bass. In drummer Stefano D'Orazio announced his intention to leave the band after the summer tour. D'Orazio has been replaced by English drummer Steve Ferrone although the band officially remains a trio.

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Dame Solo Un MInuto (Dammi Solo Un Minuto)



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