Nek in te karaoke

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nek in te karaoke

Se io non avessi te (Karaoke Version) - Originally Performed By Nek, a song by La-Le-Lu on Spotify.

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Tuti frutti band - Stvari lagane Karaoke. Kovano gvozdje Popovic. Bijelo dugme Djurdjevdan [karaoke]. Hoang Thi Kim Cuc. Zeljko Samardzic - Ljubavnik Karaoke. Zeljko Bebek - Sinoc sam Karaoke. Zana i Zeljko Bebek - Jabuke i vino Karaoke.

Once my English friend invited me to a karaoke night. I accepted straight away. I love karaoke so it was going to be fun for sure, I thought. Little did I know that at the end of that night I would feel singled out and a bit embarrassed too. I am Italian. I was raised in Italy. Yes, I learned English as a second language but I had no idea about the kind of songs you can find at a British karaoke night.

Laura non c'e e andata via. Laura non e piu' cosa mia. E te che sei qua e mi chiedi perche l'amo se niente piu mi da. Mi manca da spezzare il fiato fa male e non.
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