Pere al vino rosso

Pere al Vino Rosso

pere al vino rosso

But there is at least one prepared dessert that makes its way on to our table in the colder months: pere al vino rosso, or pears poached in red.

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Pears Poached in Red Wine is one of the most elegant and light desserts. Served whole, halved or sliced, these pears delight family and guests. Bosc and D??? Anjou are the pears most often recommended for poaching. Select firm, unblemished slightly under ripe fruit. Pay special attention to the stems of the fruit you buy, look for nicely formed ones so they are aesthetically pleasing.

Im confused, do you serve them warm out of the oven? Absolutely the easiest dessert you'll make and just quite superb. Made it twice and passed on the recipe as well. Just make it and you'll love it- kids or adults. The Pears in red wine recipe it absolutely fantastic and sooo easy. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed it and particularly the wine liquid.

Pere al vino rosso (pears poached in red wine) Piemonte

The pears are poached in red wine sweetened with sugar and flavoured with cloves and cinnamon. - Peel the pears and cut the bottom straight across the base so they stand up. Use an apple corer to remove the seeds from the centre of the pear if you do not have a corer you can cook the pears whole and then cut them in half after cooking to remove the seeds before serving.



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