Hayley williams and avril lavigne

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hayley williams and avril lavigne

Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams of Paramore sing "That's What You Get"


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App Store. Google Play. TaytoBaseball 2 apr. Yo who is avirl and Hayley. I don't get it.

Sign up or log in to share. I met Hayley and the whole band at a friends studio back in They're were cool people. Going with Hayley. Thank you, during their breaks we even played Rock Band together haha. That was new then.

Some seventeen months later, Lavigne and Whibley are no more , but the long-delayed Goodbye Lullaby is very much onówith an official release now slated for March 8, Avril Lavigne: Yes! The song is more pop and uptempo and kind of reminiscent of my old stuff, and the rest of the record is more stripped and raw and a little deeper. So this album is less pop-rock than the previous stuff, but the first single is a more like that. EW: So is it true that the album has been done for over a year?

Are you Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, or Hayley Williams?


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  1. Now, she has a couple of new fansó scene queens themselves Hayley Williams from Paramore and Avril Lavigne. Eilish posted a photo on.

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