God of war trailer 2017

E3 2017: New God Of War Trailer Released, Release Date Set For Early 2018

god of war trailer 2017

God of War – Story Trailer - PS4

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In creative development change is often the explosive spark that transforms good enough into truly memorable. There are no Soul Eaters lurking in these halls, though today you may think otherwise with our studio Halloween decorations. This team is making it happen once again through perseverance, passion, and determination. Intensity, strategy, and an emotional combat connection between father and son is what Cory and all the creative leads want people to feel when seeing this Draugr encounter in the Huldra Mine. That combat moment in the middle of mayhem is a perfect example of how Kratos and Atreus can take down their enemies together. Did you like this?

Sony's E3 presentation offered gamers a good look at some all-new gameplay footage from the company's highly anticipated God of War game for the PS4. It's been a year since Sony announced the adventures of the god-killing Kratos would continue on the PlayStation 4, with the gaming company delivering a few tantalizing shots and some limited gameplay in that showed the red-streaked warrior had mellowed out a bit, grew a dad beard and started a new family far from his home and the setting of the best-selling trilogy of video games in the God of War franchise. And with the new footage Sony made available at E3, it's clear that little Atreus isn't just a traveling companion for his violent papa, he's a key component of the game's mechanics and, to quote Kratos' new wife, he's also the future. Those are some weighty words to be placed on such small shoulders, but until young Atreus is big enough to live up to them, it looks like dear old dad will be around to bear the burden. That's just one of the big takeaways from Sony's surprisingly lengthy reveal of the game that still somehow didn't reveal too much of the games exact plot.

God of War

A new "God of War" game is in the works, and it's a bit of a departure from previous entries in the series. - Stay up-to-date with the Imaginary Forces quarterly newsletter. We promise not to sell or distribute your email address.

The new 'God of War' game looks incredible, and will arrive in 'early 2018'

During Sony's E3 press conference , we got to see some brand-new footage of God of War , featuring Kratos and his adventures in a new land. What starts out as a cinematic trailer leads into quick clips of gameplay, with Kratos dishing out damage using an axe and shield. This includes some brutal moments, such as one where he cuts an enemy in half, while another sees him throw his weapon out in an arc. There's also a brief moment of humor with a character who comments on Kratos' fighting. Kratos at one point can be seen paddling a boat through a body of water, while a later sequence involving a boat shows Kratos and his son next to a massive creature called the World's Serpent. Several moments show Kratos interacting with his son, who can seemingly interpret the language spoken by the World's Serpent, who allegedly wants to help Kratos. Keep an eye on our liveblog of the Sony conference and our E3 hub for more news and impressions about God of War and many other games.

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