Vasco rossi concerto 2017

Vasco Rossi in Modena: numbers for a Guinness record

vasco rossi concerto 2017

Vasco Rossi Mix

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Se non sei ancora iscritto al sito radioitalia. Hai problemi ad accedere al tuo profilo su radioitalia. Recupera Dati. Ripercorriamolo insieme. Con mila fan accorsi, ha conquistato il primato di pubblico pagante a un concerto, proprio nella Modena in cui tutto ebbe inizio. E i numeri da record non finiscono qui: ad esempio, per lo show ci sono 29 torri di ritardo del suono, 2mila e punti luce e laser. Vasco Rossi ha ripercorso 40 anni di carriera , dal a oggi, in una sola sera.

Presentazioni, Richieste aiuto e Spam. Presentati alla combriccola.. Consigli - Richieste aiuto I consigli e le richieste degli utenti. Le comunicazioni dello staff. Non facciamo affiliazioni. Tutto su Vasco Rossi. Biografia, Discografia e News sempre aggiornatissime!!!.

Admin 0 Comments. The sun is shining bright, the beach is white and crowded, the rough sea is unusually green and blue: it looks like an ordinary weekend in the Riviera Romagnola, but it is not. Luckily, the weather has turned a bit cooler after the almost 40 degrees of the previous period and, for the most daring audience, surviving for more than 24 hours in the sunny park should be less challenging than it might have been. I roamed down the via Emilia heading for the coast and found refuge in a seaside resort called Riccione, a few kilometres South from Rimini: was maestro Federico Fellini still alive, he would not have missed the chance for a surrealistic rendition of the event on film. I thought I had run away from it all, but that was just an illusion.

The concert will be broadcasted live in more than cinemas in whole Italy and at least in 2 indoor sports arena Padua and Genoa. For the Everything is sold out. The stage , meters large , will be as high as an 8th floor building , and it wil be provided by five huge maxi-screens for more than sqm. The 29 sound towers will have an exit power so powerful to allow the perfect hearing in any point of the park, from 5 mt of the first line to mt of the last lines.

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Vasco Rossi, Modena Park arriva al cinema

Modena Park was a concert performed by Italian rock singer Vasco Rossi on 1 July in Modena , Italy, to celebrate his 40 years of musical activity. Held at Enzo Ferrari Park , the event broke the world record for the most successful ticketed concert, [1] with a total of , tickets sold including 5, free tickets. On 19 April , Vasco announced the organization of a concert in Modena, the city where he began his year career as a DJ and singer. Initially, the event was to be called Modena Modena park tutto ritorna Modena

Vasco a Modena per il concerto con piu paganti di sempre: incasso di 12 milioni




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