Jane fonda videos workout

Workout Starring Jane Fonda (1982) 1

jane fonda videos workout


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Sign in. See the list. A look at the life, work, activism and controversies of actress and fitness tycoon, Jane Fonda. The Complete Workout was designed by Jane Fonda as the new overall exercise class which would replace her original and New Workout classes. This program offers a half hour of aerobics which Fonda's fourth program was designed for those who found her other tapes, especially the original Workout video, too difficult and need a slower workout program.

As a teenager, I was always coming up with a variety of ludicrous excuses for getting out of PE class. To make matters worse, a few years ago, after being dragged to an indoor Spin class, I ended up being hospitalized for five days— true story. Still, I do understand there are enormous health benefits to working out, which is why, every now and then, I go on the lookout for that one exercise class that is finally going to change my life. Even when I tried going to the gym, I had no idea how any of the treadmill machines worked, and always felt silly pressing buttons randomly while others seemed busy sweating it out. Then, about a month ago, I went to see Book Club —that feel-good movie about four lifelong friends whose love lives change dramatically after reading 50 Shades of Grey —and throughout it, I could not stop checking out Jane Fonda. The year-old actress had impeccable posture, svelte legs, strong arms—how did a woman several decades older than me look this good? Vague images of her in leg warmers suddenly popped up in my mind.

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Her original exercise program, which included a beginners and an advanced routine, had an accompanying audio tape with music to pair with the different exercises. My older brother Jay would often sit on the couch and eat potato chips, making fun of us as we worked out. I even brought it to college with me, although by , VCRs were quickly becoming obsolete. And a few months later, my mother died, and the tape got stashed in a closet, hidden but not forgotten. This is mostly women, with the exception of two men, including our eye-candy ballet-main-man Ned. This is when everyone in the class starts going bonkers.

Going For The Burn: Revisiting Jane Fonda’s Workouts

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