Hostel movie part 1

What’s happened to the Hostel series?

hostel movie part 1

Hostel (2005) 18+ Horror Montage [HD]

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The plot follows three American female art students in Rome who are directed to a Slovak village where they are kidnapped and taken to a facility in which rich clients pay to torture and kill people. After the significant box office receipts of 's Hostel , Roth conceived a sequel set directly after the events of the first film, opting to include three female protagonists to "up the ante. Prior to its theatrical release, a workprint of the film leaked on the Internet, and one publication at the time claimed it was the "most pirated film ever", [5] which Roth suggested was a factor in the film's box office returns. After an argument where Stephanie denounces Paxton's paranoia as exaggerated and insufferable, she awakens to find his headless corpse in their kitchen. An unmarked box containing Paxton's severed head is delivered to Elite Hunting boss Sasha. In Rome , Italy , three American art students, Beth, Whitney, and Lorna, are convinced by Axelle, a nude model they are sketching, to join her on a luxurious spa vacation in Slovakia. The four check into a hostel , where the desk clerk uploads their passport photos to an auction website.

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hostel part 1 hollywood hindi hd dubbed movie 2005

Plot — Spoilers: Two American backpackers Paxton and Josh team up with an Icelandic friend and head to Amsterdam where they attempt to do the usual getting high and laid stuff. Brimming with hormones, they are seduced by a story of Slovakia being the land of pussy and more pussy and enthusiastically head for Bratislava. After they check into a Hostel, their spirits soar when two attractive and sexually open women befriend them and appear taken in by their American charm.

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Jay Hernandez at an event for Hostel () Eli Roth on location in Prague directing . a vacation home belonging to the parents of one of the victims: a mother and father . The first part movie is an usual teen movie,plenty of sex, disco,drugs.
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The original Hostel movie revolves around a hostel in a fictional city in Slovakia where 3 backpacking friends, American Backpackers Paxton Jay Hernandez and Josh Derek Richardson and Icelandic Oli Eypor Guojonsson , are lured by a Russian Man Alexei Lubomir Bukovy who told them that there were may, prostitutes staying at the Hostel who love Americans and foreigners, as budget travellers and guys who love a good time, it seemed like an offer that could not be refused. The 3 Backpacking friends leave Amsterdam where they met Alexia and board a train to Slovakia, where they meet a Dutch Businessman Jan Vlasak who make them very unnerved by his strange behavior. Once they arrive in Slovakia they check into the recommended Hostel and share a Dorm rooms with two beautiful single ladies that do not disappoint them in any way. The only problem is, the next morning, the group of three friends is now down to two, and this is just the beginning. The main theme of the Movie is that there is a secret murder for profit company, using the Hostel to lure unsuspecting travellers into the their torture and death, by wealthy business men from all the world who are willing to pay different prices for killing Slovakians, Europeans and most of all Americans. The Movie has many scenes of torture and violence that constantly makes you turn away, but at the same time you want to see more.

The movie tells the story of two American College students, backpacking through Europe. But their dream vacation turns into a nightmare when they fall victim to the lucrative business of the Elite Hunting Club. The three plan on visiting Barcelona as next destination, but their plans are changed when they met Alexi, who tells them about the aftermath of a war in Eastern Europe. With most of the men having died in this war, the women are lonely and horny, willing to have sex with tourists. One of these places would be Slovakia.


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