Keanu reeves walk of fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame star with KEANU REEVES inscription.

keanu reeves walk of fame

Keanu Charles Reeves (/ke????nu?/ kay-AH-noo; born September 2, ) is a Canadian 'The Matrix' Gets a Fourth Movie, and Keanu Reeves Is Back.

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Keanu Reeves is doing pretty well for himself in His John Wick series went from an underrated action gem to an increasingly popular franchise, earning itself a video game adaptation and a near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes score for its third outing in John Wick chapter 3. Outside of his appearance as the unkillable hitman in those movies, he's also landed himself a role in Toy Story 4, Tim Allen recently revealed. His dedication to his craft is pretty intense, something that was made abundantly clear when footage of him training recently went viral. But as far as the fame that goes with this success?

Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian actor. In addition to his film roles, Reeves has also performed in theatre. Reeves's mother was working in Beirut when she met his father. Reeves' father worked as an unskilled laborer and earned his GED while imprisoned in Hawaii for selling heroin at Hilo International Airport. He abandoned his wife and family when Reeves was three years old, and Reeves does not currently have any relationship with him.

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Reeves has earned critical acclaim for his acting. One New York Times critic praised Reeves' versatility, saying that he "displays considerable discipline and range Saving the world is a recurring character arc in many roles he has portrayed, as manifested in characters such as Ted "Theodore" Logan , Gautama Buddha , Neo , Johnny Mnemonic , John Constantine , and Klaatu. The John Wick franchise represented a return to critical praise and commercial success for Reeves. Outside of film acting, Reeves has pursued other forms of artistry, including stage acting, music performing, and directing. He is a musician and played bass guitar for the bands Dogstar and Becky.


And I travelled in my first car when I was 20 years old across the country, to Los Angeles, California His marks in front of the Chinese Theatre join a star he received on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in , Thanks everyone for being out here.




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