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Badische Zeitung are a media company from the Black Forest region in Germany. Headquartered in Freiburg, they are the leading local newspaper with a daily circulation of , copies per day and a readership of approximately , At the beginning of , their market research suggested that there were opportunities for local media companies to offer a better real estate proposition — giving owners and renters the best possible deal. It was time for this local news publisher to reclaim its share of the real estate market. The intention was to provide a mobile-first digital platform for real estate in Freiburg and the whole Black Forest region. They were faced with an obstacle to overcome in terms of achieving this.

Wetter: Heute Morgen. Er hat die Gefahren von Opioid-Medikamenten heruntergespielt Mehr. Fotos: Die Jobmotor-Party. Fotos: Das war die Jobmotor-Party. Fotos: Das sind die Jobmotor-Sieger Fotos: Das war die Jobmotor-Party

He said that the way in which German detainees were being treated was unacceptable. Another topic raised was the kidnapping of a Vietnamese government critic. What about a Vietnamese government critic being abducted in the middle of Berlin and taken to Hanoi by the secret service? Is that really an isolated case? The actions of the Vietnamese secret services on German soil are utterly unacceptable. I want to say this quite clearly: under no circumstances will we tolerate this kind of thing.

Wacker builds Offenburg’s fourth medical centre

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