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bliss wish you were here

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Play Like Download More. Other Versions. Wish U Were Here. More from "Bliss - Greatest Hits" album. Don't Look Back. Stop Me Feat.

Moderator Overview Albums 6 Lyrics Home Bliss Lyrics Albums 6 Lyrics Playlist 5. Like waves to the shore, part of the ocean The stars high above, part of the sky Now I drift to you, I dream of a river A water so blue, wish I could live there Wish you were here Wish you were here Like the air that I breathe, you'll always be there The wings that I need, when I wanna fly Now I drift to you, I dream of a river A water so blue, wish I could live there Wish you were here. This song was submitted on January 18th, and last modified on March 21st,

Quiet Letters. Home : Inspirations : Quiet Letters. Quiet Letters by Madisyn Taylor The four-person Denmark outfit known as Bliss makes music aimed right at the bathtubs, beds, and fireplaces of romantics around the globe. Its mild but tangy African touches, Spanish guitar and accordion, gentle pulsing surfs of synth drones, melt-into-your-pillow female vocals, and softened hits of bass soothe the spine and stomach. At times, the rhythmic precision and echoing diva vocal samples make this reminiscent of early Moby; at other times, it is world beat-oriented, a la Enigma and Deep Forest.

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