Don matteo 8 12 puntata

I segreti di Gubbio

don matteo 8 12 puntata

Don Matteo 11 - 8^ puntata del 08/03/2018

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Sign in. The Gubbio police investigate two puzzling cases, as the Marshal and Amanda plan Captain Tommasi's birthday trip. The managing director of a famous coffee factory is found near-death, with a Brazilian woman holding a weapon. Death at Dawn While Don Matteo is visiting Natalina in Gubbio hospital, a doctor falls to his death from the fourth floor window. To discover what has really happened Anceschi sends Cecchini

Voce principale: Don Matteo. Il maresciallo Cecchini architetta il fidanzamento del capitano Tommasi con la maestra di Martina, la figlia del capitano. Una sera, Lia e Tommasi, vanno a fare una romantica passeggiata da fidanzati, ma Cecchini, ignaro dei loro sentimenti, li interrompe e conduce Tommasi a casa per presentarlo alla famiglia della maestra Marisa. Il maresciallo architetta una cena per Marisa e il capitano Tommasi, dove per caso vi sono anche Lia e il suo fidanzato di Roma, Daniele. Nel frattempo viene arrestato il marito della signora Faggi. Egli anni prima aveva provocato la perdita del figlio in un incidente d'auto.

Sign in. Michael McKean reflects on his first Emmy nomination for " Better Call Saul " as well as his iconic roles over the years. Watch now.
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In dieser Episode sind gleich zwei ehemalige "Bond-Girls" mit von der Partie. Es handelt sich bei dieser Episode um die 5. Laufzeit italienische DVD: Minuten. Release Dates: Member of a Series. Gallery of cover pictures.

Don Matteo in english: Father Matthew is an Italian television series that has been airing on Rai 1 , Italian national television's first channel, since The protagonist of the series is Father Matteo portrayed by Terence Hill , a Catholic priest in a parish of the town of Gubbio PG , who is also known for his unrivaled talent in investigating local crime stories. Father Matteo is a wise and respected person who really manages to understand people's problems, and always appears to be willing to help. Thanks to his charm and positivity, he often helps criminals on their way to redeeming and he always convinces them to confess their crimes and to accept their responsibilities. Cecchini is one of the main co-protagonists and often provides the humor and comic relief in the series.

Don Matteo sotto accusa

Phoebe ends up hogging the game and Monica gets frustrated. - Ein vollbesetzter Reisebus mit Rentnern macht Station in Gubbio.

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Sign in. Michael McKean shares a surprising pick that made his Watchlist. Watch now. Title: Don Matteo sotto accusa 08 Dec In Italian with English subtitles. Don Matteo finds himself in jail, embroiled in a false claim of harassment.





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