Colnago c59 frame weight

Colnago C59 Italia – review

colnago c59 frame weight

Colnago Carbon Frame C59 constructione

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Help your community and rate it. Tap a star to rate. With a frame weighing approximately g it features an internally. It was stiff but not too,stiff, responsive and handled well. It is not the fastest on the flat or uphills probably the rider but it's a great all round bike.

Finding a company more respected and steeped in tradition than Colnago is next to impossible within the bike industry. A full seven years before the C40, Colnago utilized their relationship with Ferrari, one that they still maintain, and jointly developed a carbon concept bike complete with tri-spoke composite wheels. With so much prestige and history encapsulating the brand, we built up incredibly high hopes for the C59; could it possibly live up to our lofty expectations? Signature to the Colnago, both the top tube and downtube feature a unique starshaped profile. While lugged frames are nearly a lost art now that most brands outsource their carbon frames to Asia, Colnago prides itself on the fact that the versatility of a lugged frame allows them to offer the C59 in 22 frame sizes, in addition to custom geometry, something that would be next to impossible with a molded frame due to the cost of molds.

By Cycling Plus. Colnago uses its classic internally ribbed 3PRS tube profile carried over from the legendary Master frame , which gives the tubes an unusual aesthetic. Colnago says the profiling makes makes each tube stiff, while allowing the frame to dissipate road shocks. The leaf-shaped seatstays share this characteristic. The tubes that Colnago uses are made from Japanese Toray carbon-fibre, which is shipped to Italy and then made into frame tubes. To aid durability, Colnago has used aluminium dropouts and inserts in the head tube, meaning headset cups can be replaced when necessary. Our only issue with the C59 came from the headset.

The C59, four years in development, has a distinctive look in a world where frames are beginning to all look the same.
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We'll get to all the technical details later but first you'll want to know what it rides like…? Even with the harsh deep section carbon wheels our test bike came with there was no hint of road buzz getting through to your contact points but yet none of your power input is lost. Long days in the saddle are easily achieved thanks to the relaxed nature of the C59, the ride is certainly engaging but only when you want it to be. On a relaxed club run or an early evening steady ride the C59 is right at home cruising along requiring very little rider input apart from turning the pedals obviously but when you want to get a move on it really shifts. The bulk of the testing was carried out on my old training roads taking in the hills of Dorset, many years of club runs on various bikes giving me a good benchmark to compare the C59 to and it certainly impressed. The Colnago is a joy to climb on, long steady climbs are dealt with in comfort being able to sit in the saddle and keep the pedals spinning while the short sharp ones take just a rise out of the saddle and a couple of stamps on the pedals to reach the brow and accelerate over the top. Whether in or out of the saddle, that overall stiffness plays its advantage again wasting none of the power.

Colnago C59 frameset

Colnago frames C59 100% designed and built in Italy

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Colnago C59 Headset Installation

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