Whats mine is mine

What’s Yours is Ours and What’s Mine is Mine!

whats mine is mine

What's mine is yours Kane brown

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Matrimonial assets represents money, assets, property and pensions that you have bought or acquired together during the currency of the marriage and sharing is the usual approach. However, sharing might not be completely equal. For example a spouse who has stayed at home with the children will not have the same borrowing capacity as a spouse who has continued to work and earn during the marriage. If the family home is to be sold, the homemaking spouse will need more cash from the sale of the house to rehouse especially if he or she is the primary carer of the children. Non-matrimonial assets are considered to be money, assets, property and pensions that you either owned on your own before you were married, which you brought into the marriage or those that you have acquired after you have separated. What about assets, property and pensions that you acquired in your sole name during the marriage? Unless there are special circumstances to justify it, these are usually treated as jointly owned and should be shared even if ownership is in the sole name of a spouse.

Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence. At 21 months my boy Max still speaks largely in single syllables. Gone are the days were we can simply distract Max by dangling something shiny in front of his face while we take a toy right out of his hand. Now possession counts for everything. Just the other day he spent half an hour lying on the couch with a copy of the book The Rosie Project pages of black and white text. Nothing he would accept as an offer of exchange. His completely irrational attachment to my book reminded me of a talk I heard a few years ago by Daniel Gilbert.

While collaborative consumerism has many social and sustainable benefits, its potential to redesign the role of consumers and the economy remains just that—potential. From a theoretical standpoint, collaborative consumption has the ability to alter the role of the consumers within the economy and cease the cycle of unsustainability. Collaborative consumption relies on individuals to actively engage their community and either work with them to solve common needs that exist within the group together or they can utilise the group as a pool in which to resolve an individual need.
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What’s Mine is Yours

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