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scary movie hand guy

Hanson is a supporting character in the Scary Movie franchise; he was played by comedy actor His most striking feature is a malformed hand that he refers.

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Ever since the first one was released in , the Scary Movie films have been labeled spoofs. Reference films would be more accurate. When Ghostface starts killing, they suspect their accident victim.
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Hanson is a supporting character in the Scary Movie franchise; he was played by comedy actor Chris Elliot. He served as the secondary antagonist in Scary Movie 2. Hanson is the caretaker and manservant at Hell House. His most striking feature is a malformed hand that he refers to as his "strong hand. It proves a source of much disgust to other people inasmuch as Hanson uses it as if it was a regular hand.

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Toggle navigation User area. Toggle search bar. Home Movie quotes S Scary Movie 2. Interpreted by. In the second chapter of the series, a mad teacher secretly recruits a brilliant student and her classmates to spend together a different weekend in the name of a "scientific experimentation". While the activities seem quite shocking and far from being academic, the entertainment is guaranteed by the succession of hilarious surprises. Sort by

The film spoofs multiple genres including the horror, slasher, and mystery film genres. Drew is chased outside by Ghostface , who stabs her in the breast, removing one of her silicone implants. A vehicle driven by her father—who is distracted by oral sex with his wife—hits her and she is murdered by Ghostface. Various news teams, including hack reporter Gail Hailstorm Cheri Oteri , converge on the school in the wake of Drew's murder. Gail hooks up with Buffy's intellectually disabled brother Special Officer Doofy Dave Sheridan , hoping to milk the facts out of him.

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