Potty mouth cherry picking

Potty Mouth: “Cherry Picking”

potty mouth cherry picking

Fresh, sweet, cool, sleek. "You know when you see yourself, and you didn't expect to be that person? How many pieces of yourself were picked out of what everyone else might call 'the blue'?".

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Jump to navigation. As an angry thirteen-year-old girl, I thought that my pubescent cocktail of emotions was invalid and unreasonable, unlike the emotions of the pop punk princes that blared through my headphones. I swooned over misfit boys and listened to their turmoil instead of expressing my own. I saw Potty Mouth live for the first time around a year-and-a-half ago in a sold-out show at a small venue in Seattle. It seemed like the room was bursting and sweat radiated off of the packed-in punks like steam. I wove my way toward the front of the venue, wriggling between the groups of dudes clad in leather jackets and patch-covered coats. When I tried to slide past him to get a better view, he stood firmly in his place.

After playing in a few bands, Ally Einbinder set out to form an all-girl punk band, frustrated with some of the limitations and discomforts she felt playing in bands without entirely female membership. They took their name from the title of an album by seminal riot grrrl group Bratmobile, though in interviews they denied any overt political agenda. Some members still in their teens, the group played out and recorded frequently, issuing the Sun Damage EP on 12" vinyl in and working toward the release of their full-length debut, Hell Bent. Apple Music Preview. Sign Out. Sign In.

Since 's Hell Bent , Potty Mouth has slimmed down from a four-piece to a trio, but their hooky punk songs are actually bigger-sounding than ever. The textural upgrade is at least partly related to their time spent in Seattle with Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney engineer John Goodmanson, who helped record Potty Mouth , a new five-song EP that comes out August 21st via the girls' own imprint, Planet Whatever Records. On first listen, "Cherry Picking," which happens to share its name with one of my favorite songs of the year, the guitars are heavier and the vocals are brighter. Abby Weems brooding snarl is intact, as are the smartly written lyrics about her day-to-day existence; according to the singer, the idea for "Cherry Picking" came after watching comedian Chelsea Peretti's Netflix special "for like the 5th time. Some people are really good at that, they've totally got their shit down and it works, but I know for me personally that's been a weird struggle because people expected our band to fit into this riot grrl revival type thing, and that's just not us at all. Summer Summer Music. Music Style Culture Video.

I am the real thing I'll climb the highest tree I am the real thing As real as really real can be. Cherry picking Do I want some of what you're living for my own Cherry picking I want what you've got, I want what you've got. I'm faking nothing I'll stretch beyond my reach I'm faking nothing Dare me to go ahead and leap. You know when you see yourself And you didn't expect to be that person? How did you get there, really? Who are you? How many pieces of yourself were picked out Of what everyone else might call the blue?

Listen: Potty Mouth Re-Align & Turn Up The Fuzz With “Cherry Picking”, New EP Out 8/21

Potty Mouth - Cherry Picking (Lyric Video)


Yet, when I caught their performance at the Moroccan Lounge, I was surprised to learn just how hard these women can go. On stage and in front of the crowd they are right at home, laughing and joking with the spectators. Ally, Abby and Victoria were all perfectly in sync on their respective bass, guitar and drums. To truly appreciate their sound and charisma, I suggest checking them out live. Seriously, go do it.

Hole posters, fifty shades of flannel, and Beanie Babies: we fell in love with guitar rock three-piece Potty Mouth's 90s teen dream music video for shredding single Cherry Picking when it dropped over the summer. Today, we're pleased to premiere the second video off their standout self-titled EP: Creeper Weed -- a single about "how it's so annoying when somebody acts like they know you better than you know yourself," as lead vocalist Abby Weems explains.


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