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google apps dashboard url

When your account is switched to Dashboard, the old URL /hub, redirects to Dashboard at You don't need.

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Recently, we covered how you can go beyond standard reporting in Google Analytics by using filters, segments, reports, and dashboards. Google Analytics Dashboards are simply collections of widgets that allow you to quickly visualize your data. One of the great things about dashboards is that you can find plenty of awesome examples created by others to import into your own Google Analytics account. This can save you a lot of time and give you lots of ideas about how to use dashboards. Whenever you find a shared dashboard, all you have to do is click on the link while logged in to your Google Analytics account, choose the property you want to add the dashboard to, and you are all set. This will not cause you to share any data with the person who created the dashboard.

You can use these dashboards to view, inspect, manage, and delete resources in your clusters. You can also create Deployments from the Workloads dashboard. In conjunction with the gcloud and kubectl command-line tools, the GKE dashboards are helpful for DevOps workflows, troubleshooting issues, and when working with multiple GKE clusters or Google Cloud Platform projects. Rather than using the command-line to query clusters for information about their resources, you can use these dashboards to get information about all resources in every cluster quickly and easily. Kubernetes clusters shows every Kubernetes cluster you have created in your project. You can use this dashboard to inspect details about clusters, make changes to their settings, connect to them using Cloud Shell, and delete them. Additionally, you can easily upgrade your cluster and node versions from this dashboard.

Zoho Analytics allows you to easily create a stand alone Permanent URLs Permalink for all your reports and dashboards in a few clicks. These URL's can be made accessible with a secured login or a private permalink or with public access. Users visiting these links will be able to see the latest live version of the view. You can generate individual permanent URL's for all types of views such as tables, charts, pivots, tabular view, summary view, query tables and dashboards that you create using Zoho Analytics. Refer to this question to learn about generating a URL. Generating a URL with secured login allows the highest level of security to the view. Selecting " Private Access with Login" , would prompt the users to login to Zoho Analytics to access the view.

Is it possible to add an alternative background using the Google hub, i cannot add tekst on the Google hub. I also use the Google Hub and a few versions back Homeydash sometimes came up with a solid black background after a restart. I really liked that black background but with the last versions it only shows the standard blue background again. So it would be nice to have a button in the settings to select the default blue or a solid black background. Homeydash works super with the Google Hub!!

For external sharing, a public link to a dashboard can be quickly created with a fixed set of filters, with filters visible to the end user, or some combination of both. These shared dashboards are viewable by non-Periscope users, and act as read-only dashboards. Next, select which filters should be visible on the share. Visible filters will be changeable by the end-user so that they can explore the preset data. Next, select the values for each filter. For filters that are not visible, selected values will be fixed for the shared dashboard. For filters that are visible, selected values will be the default value for the filter for anyone who accesses the share.

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