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By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy. Transitioning to Nuke? We've got a few ways to streamline the process. The problem with this, however, is that it ignores the open evaluation of not only the strengths and weaknesses of each tool, but of their purpose. For many VFX artists, animators, and motion designers, After Effects was one of the first tools we had access to. What Nuke is though that After Effects is not is a dedicated compositing software. The difference here is simply in focus.

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There are a lot of differences between Nuke and After Effects. In this video we'll discuss why Nuke is better for compositing.
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Know the differences between NUKE's node-based system and After Effects layer based system, before you start, so you have an idea of what you're getting into. Joey from School of Motion explains it quite nicely. Read more. Learn, experiment, play, update your skills, whatever, for FREE! There are a few differences between commercial and non-commercial versions of the NUKE family. Here are the basic limitations of using the non-commercial versions:. Ready to try Nuke?

OK, guys. Can someone that has experience with both programs can tell me what are differences. Are those two programs doing the same thing at the end and only workflow is different like Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Softimage that are basically all 3D programs and you can create almost everything the same in all of them or there is really some basic difference between Nuke and AE. If there is, which one is better etc. I ask this bcs company where I start to work is requiring from me to learn Nuke to work in it my boss actually because he hates AE generaly. So in general there is a lot of motion graphics, some effects in production and compositing 3D scenes involved. So is the Nuke really that much better then AE, is it a must to learn program for doing the job we guys do or I can stick with AE?

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I have been paying for an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for around a year now. I started with Premiere.



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