Ipad air vs 2

Apple iPad vs. iPad Air vs. iPad mini vs. iPad Pro: Which Tablet Should You Buy?

ipad air vs 2

Compares and contrasts all differences between the original iPad Air and iPad Air 2. Processors, displays, features and more.

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Apple has been selling their line of tablets called the iPad for a few years now. Each new version of the inch range iOS powered tablet offers a decent incremental update over the last, leading us up to the iPad Air 2 as the current top of the line device out of the U. We often wonder if these incremental updates are worth the extra cost to purchase, but instead of doing a comparison of the iPad Air vs the iPad Air 2 right at launch, here we are several months later. With the recently released iOS 8. At first glance, the Home button is the only sure sign that you are looking at two separate devices. The older iPad Air houses the familiarly designed circle Home button with a small rectangle design in it. In terms of build and overall design, both devices rock a full metal back, 9.

Thank you. What are all the differences between the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2? Which should I buy? Please note that the original iPad and iPad Air 2 both have been discontinued. Some of these differences are apparent immediately whereas other differences are internal, but just as important, if not more so. The two lines have some similarities, also, and the similarities are well worth reviewing, too. The original iPad Air and iPad Air 2 models are both 9.

Apple recently updated its iPad family with an iPad mini 5, alongside a new
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Apple just unveiled the iPad Air 2. Its predecessor, the iPad Air , scored a near-perfect 4. We compare specs to help you decide. Perhaps the most striking difference between the two tablets is physical. Whereas the iPad Air presented an entirely new look for the large-screen tablet, the iPad Air 2 takes the same general design, but makes it even thinner. The iPad Air 2 is a surprising 18 percent thinner than the iPad Air, which makes it just 0. As Apple points out, that's thinner than the width of a standard No.

That gets pretty complicated if you're shopping for a new tablet. To help you figure out what you're getting with each iPad, let's look at all the differences between the various models. But let's start with the similarities, and what you can expect from any Apple tablet you buy today. Ever since its inception, the iPad has run the same operating system as the iPhone: iOS. It's been Apple's standard mobile operating system for over a decade, running through 12 separate iterations. That changes in a few months, when Apple officially splits iOS into separate smartphone and tablet branches.

In the Apple roadmap there tends to be a cycle of revolution then evolution and this time both the new Air and new Mini are evolutions of their predecessors. Look head-on at the iPad Air 2 and it appears virtually identical to the first Air, but turn it to the side and there is a noticeable change. The Air 2 is just 6. Aside from the weight loss, the other notable change is the long awaited addition of a TouchID Home button more of later. The Air 2 will also come in gold like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as the long standing colours of space gray and silver. The 9.

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