Intervento chirurgico tiroidectomia totale

Tumori della tiroide

intervento chirurgico tiroidectomia totale

La lsione parziale o totale o l'eliminazione accidentale delle ghiandole paratiroidi una valutazione prospettica dei nostri pazienti trattati con tiroidectomia totale nel nostro chirurgico e del calcio e del PTH almeno tre mesi dopo l'intervento.

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AIM: Definitive hypoparathyrodism hypo-PTH represents one of the most dangerous complication after total thyroidectomy. Partial or total lesion or accidental removal of parathyroid glands is an unpredictable adverse event, although real incidence is not well defined, such as management of this deficit. We started a prospective evaluation of patients treated with total thyroidectomy in our centre, to identify incidence of hypo-PTH, symptomatic or not, in relation to incidence of early postoperative hypocalcemia in our experience. Postoperative hypocalcemia was observed in Eight patients 4. Positive predictive value for postoperative hypocalcemia was Moreover, isolated analysis is too limited to determine real predictability.

Surgical manipulation of the cervical vascular bundle during neck surgery may promote a thromboembolic event. We evaluated if thyroid surgery is associated with any alterations in the carotid artery wall that would imply an augmented risk of cerebrovascular accident CVA. A prospective evaluation of a consecutive series of patients who underwent total thyroidectomy was performed. High resolution Doppler ultrasonography HR-DU was performed the day before and three days after surgery in asymptomatic consenting patients scheduled for total thyroidectomy. Two hundred patients were recruited. Surgery was delayed in one patient because of asymptomatic subclavian steal syndrome. The remaining patients underwent total thyroidectomy.

Carcinomi della Tiroide

Quali sono le cause Le possibili cause sono le radiazioni ionizzanti, la predisposizione genetica, la presenza di un ingrossamento della ghiandola gozzo , fattori ormonali femminili, carenza o eccesso di iodio. Si diminuisce poi il rischio di recidiva con una particolare radioterapia con iodio radioattivo Iodio, I Gli effetti collaterali del trattamento con radioiodio nausea, dolore gastrico e ingrossamento doloroso alle ghiandole salivari sono generalmente transitori.

Doppler ultrasonography before thyroidectomy is not useful to prevent cerebrovascular accident.





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