Catalogo ikea 2017 pdf

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catalogo ikea 2017 pdf


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It was first published only in Swedish in Worldwide, approximately million copies of the catalogue were printed each year, more than double the number of Bibles expected to be printed in the same period! Around 60 different versions of the catalogue are created for 43 countries. It is distributed both by mail and in stores in each country. Each edition of the catalogue takes about 10 months to develop, from concept to final product. The studio employs photographers, carpenters, interior designers and other personnel working full time on photo shoots.

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For the edition, 62 different versions of the catalogue were created for 43 countries. Containing over pages and about 12, products, it is distributed both by mail and in stores. Readers have found all kinds of strange tidbits, including mysterious cat pictures, apparent Mickey Mouse references and weird books wedged into the many shelves that clutter the catalogues. The company began experimenting with computer-generated imagery in by placing a single computer-rendered image of a wooden chair in the edition of the catalogue. Augmented reality was introduced in the edition of the catalogue.

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IKEA Catalogues are a huge source of inspiration for people wolrd over. IKEA tries to outdo itself each year with a new set of cool designs from its stables. Furniture and interior design enthusiasts worship IKEA catalogues and it is hardly surprising that they outnumber the Bible in printing and circulation! In this post, we bring you links to those much sought after holy books of design…. If you come across any links for IKEA catalogs not included in this post, please mention them in the comments.

It's that wonderful time of year again! No, not the holidays. Or your birthday. It's time for the Ikea catalog! We've gone through this year's glossy pages of colorful Swedish whimsy and brought you some of our favorite looks of the new season.





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