Che guevara how he died

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che guevara how he died

A revolutionary remembered along Bolivia's Che Guevara Trail


These days, as his face gazes out from t-shirts, murals and dorm-room posters around the world, it could be easy to think that Che Guevara — or, more commonly, simply Che — is more of an idea than a man. But he lived a human life which, as all lives must, came to an end 50 years ago, on Oct. Che had grown up in Argentina under the dictatorship of Juan Peron and had wanted to become a doctor before the ideals of communism and the revolution in Cuba drew his full attention in the s. But he soon found that revolutions he encouraged in South American nations would not come easy. Those who held power would fight hard to maintain it, and many peasants were not eager to turn to communist guerrilla movements as an alternative. The Quebrada del Yuro, deep in the stifling Bolivian jungle 75 miles north of Camiri, is a steep and narrow ravine that is covered with dense foliage. There, early last week, two companies of Bolivian Rangers totaling more than men split into two columns and quietly stalked a handful of guerrillas.

The remote village where the Argentina-born revolutionary was executed is now a tourist attraction but the fortunes of his regional political heirs are on the wane. Thu 5 Oct He took a hotel suite overlooking the snowbound heights of Mount Illimani, and photographed himself — overweight, balding, lit cigar in his mouth — in the mirror. Eleven months later, another image of Guevara would spread around the world, showing his scrawny, lifeless body on a stretcher, his full head of hair and beard unkempt, and his eyes wide open. They say he grants miracles. After a failed expedition to the Congo in , Guevara alighted on Bolivia as the launchpad for regional, then global, revolution. But in the febrile atmosphere of the s, anything seemed possible.

On this day in , socialist revolutionary and guerilla leader Che Guevara , age 39, is killed by the Bolivian army. The U. His hands were cut off as proof of death and his body was buried in an unmarked grave. Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna was born to a well-off family in Argentina in While studying medicine at the University of Buenos Aires, he took time off to travel around South America on a motorcycle; during this time, he witnessed the poverty and oppression of the lower classes. He received a medical degree in and continued his travels around Latin America, becoming involved with left-wing organizations. In the mid s, Guevara met up with Fidel Castro and his group of exiled revolutionaries in Mexico.

A major figure of the Cuban Revolution , his stylized visage has become a ubiquitous countercultural symbol of rebellion and global insignia in popular culture. As a young medical student , Guevara traveled throughout South America and was radicalized by the poverty, hunger and disease he witnessed. Following the Cuban Revolution , Guevara performed a number of key roles in the new government. These included reviewing the appeals and firing squads for those convicted as war criminals during the revolutionary tribunals , [10] instituting agrarian land reform as minister of industries, helping spearhead a successful nationwide literacy campaign , serving as both national bank president and instructional director for Cuba's armed forces , and traversing the globe as a diplomat on behalf of Cuban socialism. Such positions also allowed him to play a central role in training the militia forces who repelled the Bay of Pigs Invasion , [11] and bringing Soviet nuclear-armed ballistic missiles to Cuba, which preceded the Cuban Missile Crisis. His experiences and studying of Marxism—Leninism led him to posit that the Third World 's underdevelopment and dependence was an intrinsic result of imperialism , neocolonialism and monopoly capitalism , with the only remedy being proletarian internationalism and world revolution.

How Did Che Die? The CIA Helped Military-Ruled Bolivia Kill the Marxist Revolutionary


Che Guevara is executed

Fifty years ago, the news spread rapidly around the world: Che Guevara was dead, again, and this time, it seemed likely to be true. Still, news organizations were wary. Guevara, 39 years old, has been reported killed or captured before. That caution was warranted, such was the legend of Guevara, whose symbolism was growing only more powerful. As his image evolved from an emblem of leftist movements to a more general badge of defiance, it was harnessed as a marketing tool. Later, many marveled at how, in death, the communist revolutionary had been put to work for capitalism. In January , as the revolution ended and President Fulgencio Batista fled, the rebels entered Havana led by Guevara, who was recovering from a broken arm and could not lead the final assault himself, The Times reported.

Che Guevara was killed 50 years ago, on Oct. 9, he was captured, according to Richard Harris's biography, “Death of a Revolutionary.
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  1. Guevara then disappeared from Cuba, traveled to Africa and eventually resurfaced in Bolivia, where he was killed. Following his death.

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