Dvd blu ray comparison

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dvd blu ray comparison

Blu-ray vs. DVD Comparison [720p HD video]

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Want to know the differences between Blu-ray and DVD? Deciding whether to upgrade to that new p Blu-ray player? This handy comparison article will.
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Blu-ray vs DVD

Comparison of high definition optical disc formats

Or you may be deciding whether to upgrade to that new p Blu-ray player. Believe it or not there are still a few of my friends who have yet to upgrade to Blu-ray. In the end, you can decide what you think about all of the facts. The simple fact is, Blu-ray trounces DVD in terms of resolution. If you check out our screen capture above, Groot gives us a real clear image of just what the difference looks like. There is a point at which our eyes lose the ability to render additional detail. The truth is, though, most of us sit pretty close—or our TVs are big enough for us to notice the difference.


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  2. Blu-ray players and discs can deliver an HD picture that breathes new life into old films, but some are barely better than a standard definition DVD. Blu-ray discs are meant to guarantee you a better picture than a standard DVD. Blu-ray players vs DVD players - which should I buy?.

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