Pupa lasting color extreme

Lasting Color Gel - Instant Vibes

pupa lasting color extreme



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The professional chip-free manicure that colors nails and makes them shine with no damage.
immagini colorate e belle

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PUPA LASTING COLOR EXTREME N.029 Smalto unghie lunga tenuta

L'ho messo alla prova#15 LASTING COLOR EXTREME Pupa Milano. Applicazione e Rimozione


This is a hybrid top coat that is meant to cure under sunlight. You know I like this idea and I am testing several top coats that should work this way. Pupa Lasting Color Extreme n. I used it together with its matching primer and top coat. The finish is super glossy and I had no chipping after 5 days.


Smalto Brillante Lunga Tenuta. Assicura un colore pieno, intenso ed estremamente brillante a lungo. Gli Oligomeri presi in prestito dalla tecnologia semipermanente, agiscono per una lunghissima durata. Il Mix di Polimeri di ultima generazione garantisce una brillantezza estrema e l'elevata concentrazione di Pigmenti regala un colore pieno e omogeneo. Payment is immediately displayed and then shipping times are calculated from the time of the payment.




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