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dean pelton peanut rap

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But what do the people on Community 's front lines remember most? We asked the Community writing staff to come up with the top moments from the show that makes them laugh the hardest. They came back with a list of seven -- including a few surprises. Executive producers Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna say the upcoming sixth season of Community may be their favorite -- but as we await the show's return on March 17 via Yahoo Screen , here are the top moments their team would like to revisit from the past. Not only is Danny Pudi-as-Abed's impersonation of Christian Bale-as-Batman flawless "There's a storm brewing on the horizon, but you and I will save the night. Chex Mix, pretzels, baby carrots: predictable but appetizing!

Shipra Harbola Gupta. After a series of bizarre tests carried out by the insurance inspector, everyone at Greendale is surprised to hear him declare the school an asset to the city. Relief, however, immediately evaporates once they learn that plans are being made to sell the school to a private company that turns out to be Subway. Everyone laments the loss of their beloved school and contemplates their next steps. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part. Perhaps the vow is overdoing it a bit. The panel discussion that followed the screening, took on the same bittersweet tone of the never-before-seen episode.

To help you sort through all that television has to offer, Flavorwire is compiling the five best moments on TV each week. This time, Kroll Show and Broad City get high-profile guest stars. On Kroll Show! Pelton has no idea where that came from, runs out in tears, and is seen later in the episode trying to recapture the magic. Hannah Horvath has pulled many ridiculous stunts over the years in the name of living her best life. In an attempt to spice up her sex life with Adam, she dons a platinum blonde bob, shows up at a bar, and proceeds to play the bored finance wife. When Adam finally plays into it, she stages a tantrum and runs outside…where a stranger takes her seriously and punches Adam in the face.

Conner4Real spits hot fire on this 'freestyle' rap about how weird he is. Andy Samberg is Conner4Real. I'm feelin' it! YouTube: Rapper Wiz Khalifa was asked to freestyle to Adele's hit track "Hello", and what he did with the song makes this an instant classic! YouTube: Dean Pelton delivers a message to the Save Greendale Committee the best way he can: through hardcore freestyle gangsta rap. A 33 minute documentary about the notorious freestyle battle between Eli and Envy. I gave it to Eli from the "Rosie o Donnel" line.

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The Top 10 Highlights From the ‘Community’ PaleyFest Panel

Jim Rash plays Dean Pelton on "Community," but he's also a very successful writer in his own right. The fifth season finale of "Community" airs on Thursday at 8 p. That works perfectly for me. And Rash playing the dean and reciting the lines Harmon and crew write for him works perfectly for viewers as well. In one highlight from this season, he tries to make it up to his staff for not being able to pay them by dressing up as a Payday candy bar and delivering a freestyle rap that gets so real that it, well, watch below The wall is down. Dan Harmon is a great example of someone that is very vocal and utilizes social media in a way that allows fans to tap into him, and make it feel more personal.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Barack Obama be scared o' me cuz I don' swallow knowledge and I spit it fo' free! Pelton trying to compose another rap masterpiece. In the study group 's fifth year at Greendale, Dean Pelton had to tell Jeff and Hickey that payroll had been delayed. In order to make the announcement more palatable to them, he dressed up as a "Payday" candy bar to deliver the news through a free style rap.

PaleyFest, an annual TV fan festival in Los Angeles, brings show runners and cast members together before a live audience—this year at the Dolby Theater, home of the Oscars—to talk about shows, and sometimes, spoilers. Despite its low ratings, it has defied the odds and is now finishing up its fifth season.

This Week’s Top 5 TV Moments: Miss Claudette Stops By ‘Broad City’

Our school may be a toilet, but it's our toilet. Nobody craps in it but us. On paper, Community is a show about students enrolled in a community college that aired from on NBC and then on Yahoo Screen. However, it's kind of a difficult show to describe, as it could be something completely different from week to week. It started with the normal premise of a Spanish study group forming at Greendale Community College, but there was very little studying happening in any given episode due to all of the strange happenings at Greendale born out of rather mundane situations.



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