Instagram post with multiple pictures

How to Use Instagram Multiple Image Posts

instagram post with multiple pictures

You can upload up to 10 photos and videos and share them as a single post in To adjust how each photo or video is cropped, tap it then touch the screen to.


Instead, you can add as many as ten photos in your Camera Roll or Gallery if you use an Android smartphone to a single post. The order of your photos will change if you selected more than two photos. To deselect all photos, tap the blue select multiple icon in the lower-right corner of the viewer. To reorder the photos, you have to deselect them and then reselect them in the correct order. Yes, this is something Instagram needs to work on.

This trend is rising. In fact, Instagram closed with million users. Between April and September, it saw the addition of million new users. This is no more evident than with the addition of the multiple-image post, otherwise known as the Instagram carousel. We laugh at something, and it feels good, so we remember that feeling and try to share it.

10 of the Best Ways to Use Instagram Multiple-Image Posts

Instagram Multiple Photos - How To Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Post [2018]

How to Upload Multiple Photos to One Instagram Post

In Feed, you'll see the first photo or video from your post with a row of dots below it. People can swipe to see the rest of the photos or videos you've shared. From your profile, you can tap the post, then swipe to view the rest of the photos and videos you've shared. People can like and comment on your post just like a regular post. Comments and likes appear on the entire post, rather than on the individual photos and videos that are part of your post.

Want to create dynamic Instagram posts? Combining a series of images with video in an Instagram post lets you deliver a more complete marketing message. On the next screen, you can edit your images and apply filters. When you first navigate to this screen, any filters you choose will automatically be applied to all of the images in the post. If you tap on an individual image , you can edit it and apply filters individually. When your editing is complete, tap Done.

On Instagram, it's impossible to post an album — multiple photos or add a white background to make each photo or video in to a square.
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