Passaretti umberto chirurgia della mano

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passaretti umberto chirurgia della mano

Le recensioni sul reparto di Urologia dell'Ospedale San Raffaele Turro di Milano, Giovanni Passaretti, che in ben 2 situazioni ha avuto pazienti mio papa prima e Giusti, che con grande competenza ed umanita mi ha preso per mano, molto .. Chirurgia gastroenterologica · Chirurgia laparoscopica · Chirurgia maxillo.

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Revision of knee prostheses with components malrotation: treatment algorithm using a computed tomographic analysis. Introduction Malrotation of prosthetic components have been widely recognised as a cause of knee prostheses failure. We hypothesised that an algorithm including clinical and radiographic evaluation, as well as a computed tomography analysis with defined values, could be reliable for the preoperative diagnosis of knee prosthesis malrotation in order to advise our treatment. Materials and methods For this purpose, current parameters and related literature were taken into account. We analysed 44 patients with anterior knee pain after total knee arthroplasty.

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Napoli Lynn E. Napoli, MD, prides herself in providing her patients with the time and attention they need and finds resolutions for their health and wellness concerns. Salvatore Q. Lynn E. Medico specializzando presso Policlinico Gemelli di Roma.

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