Viabilità grande raccordo anulare roma

Grande Raccordo Anulare

Roma Grande Raccordo Anulare

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Pour les articles homonymes, voir A90 et GRA. Autoroutes italiennes. Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Autoroute italienne. Via Aurelia. Ladispoli Civitavecchia.

GRA is one of the most important roads in Rome, and traffic reaches , vehicles per day as of GRA features 14 tunnels, with lengths varying from the 66 meters of Parco di Veio II tunnel to the 1, meters of the Appia Antica tunnel and 8 rest areas. GRA has 42 junctions, with Via Aurelia being numbered as 1 and other following clockwise. The motorway has always been toll-free. However, there are plans to introduce a fee for vehicles entering the GRA from highways. Its acronym was given after one of its main designers and supporters, Eugenio Gra, chairman of ANAS , the Italian roads Authority, at the time of construction. One of the designers' main purposes was to build the road as most equally distant as possible from the geographic centre of town, the Campidoglio ,


Autoroute A90 (Italie)




The GRA or Grande Raccordo Anulare (literally, "Great Ring Junction") is a toll- free, ring-shaped kilometres ( mi) long orbital motorway that encircles Rome. GRA is one of the most important roads in Rome, and traffic reaches ,
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