Nazi hunters adolf eichmann

Nazi-hunting spy Rafi Eitan, who tracked down Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann, dies aged 92

nazi hunters adolf eichmann

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His pre-Nazi life was rather ordinary. Eichmann joined the Nazi Party in April in Linz and rose through the party hierarchy. He advanced steadily within the SS and was sent to Vienna after the annexation of Austria March to rid the city of Jews. One year later, with a similar mission, he was sent to Prague. Thereupon he organized the identification, assembly, and transportation of Jews from all over occupied Europe to their final destinations at Auschwitz and other extermination camps in German-occupied Poland. Following the war, U. After dodging in and out of the Middle East for several years, Eichmann settled in Argentina in

Posted March 24, Rafi Eitan, a legendary Israeli Mossad spy who led the capture of Holocaust mastermind Adolf Eichmann, has died at the age of Mr Eitan was one of the founders of Israel's vaunted intelligence agency and among its most prominent figures in Israel and abroad. The Mossad operation to capture Eichmann in Argentina and bring him to trial in Jerusalem remains one of the defining episodes in Israel's history. Mr Eitan, who headed the seven-man team which travelled to Argentina, grabbed Eichmann on the way back to his Buenos Aires home, shoved him into a car and spirited him to a safe house. In the back seat of the car, one agent shoved a gloved hand inside Eichmann's mouth in case he had a cyanide pill hidden in a tooth, as some former top Nazis were known to have to foil their capture.

Malkin uttered the words to a balding Mercedes-Benz factory worker headed home from work on May 11, And when the man reluctantly acknowledged him, Malkin sprang into action. With the help of three other secret agents, he wrestled the man to the ground and into a car. As they sped away, they tied him down and covered him with a blanket in the back seat. For years, he had evaded the authorities and lived in relative peace in Argentina. And it woke the world up to the Holocaust.

Adolf Eichmann

He was captured by the Mossad in Argentina on 11 May and subsequently found guilty of war crimes in a widely publicised trial in Jerusalem , Israel. Eichmann was executed by hanging in After an unremarkable school career, Eichmann briefly worked for his father's mining company in Austria , where the family had moved in

The Daring Israeli Spy Operation to Capture Nazi Mass Murderer Adolf Eichmann

Rafi Eitan, the canny Israeli spymaster who commanded the Nazi-hunting team that captured Adolf Eichmann in Argentina and many years later was unmasked as the handler of Jonathan Jay Pollard, the American Navy intelligence analyst who pleaded guilty to passing on more than 1, secret documents to the Israelis, died on Saturday in Tel Aviv. He was The death was confirmed by the Ichilov Medical Center, where Mr. Eitan had been hospitalized, Israeli news organizations said. Eitan, a bespectacled man with thinning hair, was a legend in his country because so many feats of espionage and international intrigue seemed to bear his fingerprints.

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Hunting Adolf Eichman

The story of how Eichmann was apprehended in Argentina in May of is the subject of the new movie Operation Finale. But the capture was, in many ways, only one part of the historical importance of that story. What happened next, though largely outside the scope of the film, would raise new questions about the very meaning of concepts such as justice, evil and guilt. Some observers felt that Eichmann should be tried in Germany, if anywhere, or by an international body. Some felt that the importance of the still-new nation of Israel being a beacon of adherence to international law meant the precedent for such a trial was too shaky to rely on. Some felt that the nation might be justified in trying Eichmann, but should not get into the business of executions. Some felt the most important thing was to serve Eichmann himself with justice, or something approaching justice, recognizing that no punishment could be harsh enough.

Before his arrest by Israel's Mossad intelligence service, Adolf Eichmann boasted openly to other foreigners in Argentina of the war crimes he had committed. He confided in one journalist that his only mistake was not having murdered all the Jews. Fifty years ago, one of the most spectacular trials of the 20th century began in Jerusalem: The State of Israel vs. Adolf Eichmann. The German government of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, however, reacted with panic. On the basis of secret documents, a SPIEGEL series tells the story of how Eichmann could remain at large for years after the war and how Adenauer's government sought to influence the Eichmann trial.

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