Gradinata non numerata arena

La Struttura

gradinata non numerata arena

We are going to visit Verona and would like to go to Arena for La Traviata on 1st Is it worth to invest into say "Gradinata numerata 2 settore"?.

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Each seat area has a price and a different colour, as shown in the following table. Choose your seat, check the price and buy your tickets also online! You can also buy reduced-rate tickets, as shown in the following table. Check if you can take advantage of the numerous concessions and discounts that are currently available. Purchase an open ticket. You can choose the performance and date later, in complete tranquillity, by contacting our call center or going personally to the ticket office. You can also use an open ticket as a surprise gift for that special person.

The map of seating in the arena on www. Can't help with it all, though you can get a fair idea from the prices, but the the gradinate settore x is the unnumbered stone seats in the particular sector indicated by the x so way up the back and grab whatever seat you can and take a cushion. The grad lat refers to numbered seats on the side steps light green and di grad is numbered seats on the steps dark green. Hi, the Poltrone are the equivalent to seats in the stalls of a theatre - on the flat area of the Arena floor. As said in the previous post, take a cushion if you choose the Gradinata. The steps are marble and can be quite uncomfortable after a couple of hours!

In exceptional cases or for special performances, prices may increase slightly. We reserve the right to change prices for Verona is for Juliets and Romeos. Imagine, your best friend is Veronese and invites you into the arena. He brings you to a special hotel at the nearby Lake Garda, leads you through the city of Romeo and Juliet, show you his favorite bar, and takes you into his favorite restaurant that the locals swear by.

Went there to see Romeo and Juliet and by the end of the performance, there wasn't a dry eye in the house I must have caught a spec of dust. As other reviewers have noted, a wise choice of seat is critical. Of the numerous tiers of the ancient arena, we were maybe half-way up, and near one of the long and vertiginous flight of steps. Our view of the proscenium arch was brilliant. Turn up early with some cushions, a picnic blanket, and a picnic. Oh and loads of hankies.

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We are a family of 4, and we see that numerated places are pretty expensive, so we thought of booking unnumbered places. - I am planning a trip to Italy with a friend this fall, and one of our stops will be Verona where we wish to see Ennio Morricone conduct in the Arena of Verona.


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