Il meglio di pino mauro

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il meglio di pino mauro

Buy Canzoni Classiche CD from Mauro Pino for 10,46 EUR and pay no postage. Mauro Pino "30 Anni Di Successi" Domenico Modugno "Il Meglio".

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Nevertheless, an interesting and peculiar subgenre came to the surface, like a sort of spontaneous and geographically circumscribed excrescence of a genre which, in order to survive and perpetuate, had to branch out and bastardize. By circumscribing characters and stories into a precise geographical context the city of Naples and its surroundings , these films make a traditionalist choice: they show a precise, decipherable reality, characterized by typologies and behaviours which can be endlessly replicated, since they are immutable. Thus, the recourse to a formula becomes an anchor for an audience in desperate need of a reassuring, emblematic spectacle: the dramatic excesses of the guapparia movie, no matter how heartbreaking they can be, are balanced by the expectation —which is never let down— of a final retribution where baddies are punished proportionally to their offence and, most importantly, once and for all. The urban setting itself mutates in comparison to the standard crime films of the period, where cities are dangerous and hostile. Here, the city becomes once again a friendly, ideal place: a maternal womb, a uterine refuge which protects and has to be protected from the evils of the outside world — that is, drug traffic, a symbol of the corruption of traditional values and consciences alike. He soon became the most successful actor in the genre, and was very popular among Italian immigrants in Canada and the United States.

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Mario Merola April 6, — November 12, was an Italian singer and actor, most prominently known for having rejuvenated the traditional popular Neapolitan melodrama known as the sceneggiata. He was nicknamed the King of the sceneggiata to be able to give this kind typically a regional and a national popularity and success unknown before, to make a film genre, representing all of this even off the stage, so being able to put a face to sceneggiata. Born into a poor family of Naples , Merola held a number of day jobs ranging from kitchen help to longshoreman at the port of Naples until one of his songs, Malu Figliu , was used successfully in a sceneggiata , promoting him into the limelight. Merola was at the height of his popularity in the s and s. With the proceeds of the first vocal performances manages to marry Rosa Serrapiglia, April 5, , with whom he had three children: Roberto organizer of musical events , Loredana housewife and Francesco , singer, too, who in recent years has accompanied the father on numerous occasions, among them the performance at the Festival of Naples in , where they won the first prize with the song L'Urdemo emigrante The last immigrant. The first public performance of Merola happens by chance, at the beginning of the sixties, from just had sounded the siren of the lunch break at the port of Naples and Merola, along with colleagues unloaders, walked in the square near the church of Sant 'Anna to the Marshes to attend the party on the occasion of the celebration of the Virgin Mary. The singer who had produce, Mario Trevi , came to the event with a ten-minute delay.

Isso, essa e o malamente, l’epopea della sceneggiata

Franco Ricciardi guida la sua Jeep tra le strade di Scampia, quartiere nella periferia nord di Napoli. Ogni tanto tira fuori una Marlboro light dal pacchetto che tiene sul cruscotto, e aspira lunghe boccate. La scena, quasi identica, si ripete due o tre volte nel giro di dieci minuti.





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