Christian bale new look

Christian Bale is utterly unrecognisable in his new role as Dick Cheney

christian bale new look

Christian Bale has undergone a transformation for his latest role and he looks His new look is actually for another movie, Backseat, where he plays ex-Vice.

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The chameleonic actor has transformed again for Adam McKay's biopic Vice. Whenever Christian Bale is in a film, he entirely transforms his body. He gains weight, loses weight, grows his hair, looks older, looks younger, has this accent, has that accent. Bush - a full trailer is on its way. Bale spent months working out for his role as Patrick Bateman , spending three hours a day with a personal trainer.

The Hollywood star, 43, has piled on the pounds for a new role, and lopped off his trademark bed of thick hair for a cool crop. The American Hustle actor is preparing for his new role as Dick Cheney in the new film, which was previously called Backseat. Showing his utmost commitment to the part, he has gone all out to portray him by putting on weight as well as changing his trademark feature - his glossy head of hair. To complete his transformation, he also sported a clean shaven face - having rid himself of his beard for his new political role. Christian recently revealed to Variety Studio that he had been "eating a lot of pies" in order to put on weight for his role as the 46th Vice President from The drama is centred around Cheney's career as George W. Bush's second in command and his policies which have shaped the world.

Long creases run from his nostrils to his jowls, which sink into a starched collar. His jaw takes on the shape of a baseball, and heavy forehead lines hover over a thick, furrowed brow. For years, prosthetics were deep in the uncanny valley, making actors who wore them look not quite human, but recent advances in materials and expertise have allowed artists to create remarkable likenesses. While they are now often used to achieve fleshy hyper-realism, the initial purpose of prosthetics was the exact opposite. Aiming for a higher quality than masks allowed, the makeup artist John Chambers developed a new type of foam rubber and created facial appliances that allowed actors to talk and emote. The practical application was grueling: Hurt had to arrive on set at 4 a. After shooting, he had to wait an additional two hours while it was removed.

Aoife Kelly Twitter Email. He's not shy of a physical transformation and Christian Bale's latest look is one of his most striking. He sported his new look at a press conference for another film, Hostiles, at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. With his fuller figure teamed with a shaved head and bleached eyebrows, he really does look unrecognisable. The year-old star has often gained and lost a lot of weight top help him get in character for various roles. He sported a pretty impressive paunch in American Hustle while he gained pound upon pound of muscle to play Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy.

Christian Bale Completely Transforms His Body Again! See the Pic

Christian Bale has proven himself to be the undisputed king of movie transformations for the umpteenth time, and yet again, he really does look pretty unrecognisable. Christian's latest look is a step up from his weight gain for his role as Dick Cheney in an upcoming biopic, as the actor is now sporting a skinhead, too., He should be Dick Cheney.


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