In this world 2002

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in this world 2002


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It ends, 88 minutes later, in a London mosque, where whispered prayers waft over the closing credits. The brisk running time belies the tortuous odyssey between those two points, a contradiction that gets at what makes this devastating study of the refugee crisis at once valuable and yet somehow compromised. Previously titled The Silk Road , In This World is a fictionalized account of the treacherous passage thousands of refugees from Central Asia take to find a better life in the West. Dispassionate narration sets the stage: the movie opens at the Peshawar camp, where Afghans began flocking in the s following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and which has been filling up again in the wake of the U. It doesn't take long for a narrative to take shape.

What makes the film astonishing is that it follows a real boy on a real journey, and the boy is in England at this moment. What's real and what's fiction in the film is hard to say, but we trust that the images are informed by truth, and there is a scene at night in the mountains of Turkey where it looks as if real gunfire is being aimed at the travelers. The film's hero is Jamal Udin Torabi, playing himself. He lives with his family in a refugee camp in Pakistan. His uncle, Wakeel, wants to send his son Enayat to London; Jamal speaks English and is allowed to go along as a translator and companion.

Sign in. See the list. Rosie and Vincent know each other for ten years, and are married for five. She doesn't like her job, he isn't too pleased working with her dad. They're trying to have a baby. One morning A woman and her daughter struggle to make their way through the aftermath of the Bosnian War.

The film follows two young Afghan refugees , Jamal Udin Torabi and Enayatullah, as they leave a refugee camp in Pakistan for a better life in London. Since their journey is illegal, it is fraught with danger, and they must use back-channels, bribes, and smugglers to achieve their goal. Jamal and Enayatullah are Afghan refugees in a camp in Peshawar , Pakistan. They travel to Quetta , and thence to Taftan on the Iranian border. They pay people smugglers to assist them over the border; on their first attempt they are stopped by Iranian police and returned to Pakistan, but their second attempt is successful. They travel to Tehran and then to Maku , in the Kurdish part of Iran , from where they cross a mountain range on foot to Turkey.

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