Post operatorio ernia cervicale c5 c6

Meaning of "ernia" in the Italian dictionary

post operatorio ernia cervicale c5 c6

Ernia cervicale 4/5 microdiscectomia C5 C6 C7 per via antero laterale

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Patologia cervical. Versione in Italiano. Degenerative changes of the cervical spine cervical spondylosis can result in cervical disc herniation with radiculopathy, cervical spondylotic radiculopathy CSR and myelopathy CSM. Degenerative cervical spondylosis is very common in the aging population but not necessarily associated with symptoms. More than half of the adult population suffer from cervical radiculopathy CR at least once in their lifetime. The C6 and C7 nerve roots are most frequently affected.

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C5 Elbow flexors C5., Ernie del disco lombare vengono riscontrate con la diagnostica per immagini con frequenza elevata anche in persone del tutto asintomatiche. I dischi toracici sono infatti molto stabili e le ernie in questa regione sono piuttosto rare.


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