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On Friday, December 23, Supercell will kick off a new kind of challenge event, which allows players to win the latest Legendary card added to the game, the Electro Wizard. The company has recently made challenges a regular part of the Clash Royale gameplay, each with its own special twist. For Free-to-Play players, the Electro Wizard Challenge should prove to be particularly enjoyable as it not only offers the opportunity to win a Legendary card, it also allows players to use cards that they may not have unlocked yet. Hopefully, our list will give Clashers the best possible tools for winning the upcoming Electro Wizard Challenge. Some include strategy, others simply the deck. These are compiled in order to give players ideas about the kinds of decks they might use in the Electro Wizard Challenge.

In this post I will be covering the newest legendary card in the game, and one of the most fun legendaries to use. This card is a new type of wizard, which has a zap whenever he spawns. He is a legendary card unlocked at royal arena, just like the princess, and has an elixir cost of 4. He stuns troops every time he attacks, and has a unique attack. His attack is a splash damage-single target hybrid, damaging 2 units at a time, but one of those units receives more damage than the other one. The second unit affected just has to be within range of the ewiz, and the ewiz can hit the second unit even if it is right behind him. The support the ewiz can bring to the table is insane.

Posted By Aaqib Javed on February 16th, As they are common card just like Royale Giant they are very easy to upgrade at tournament standard. They are used both offensively and defensively. They can completely shut down the Giant before it hits your Tower. T he very fast movement speed makes Elite Barbarians more relevant on offense and chasing troops on defense. Drop Ice Golem on the bridge.

Supercell have also been kind enough to release some footage showing just how powerful the new Electro Wizard will be. The below video takes a closer look at this footage and the stats of the Electro Wizard to ascertain just what it will be able to do and in which situations it will be most useful. Look out for the second slow motion footage as well where you can see just exactly what this latest card is doing. It does damage which is the exact same as a level 9 zap and will kill Goblins and Skeletons as well as severely damage Minions and kill them if they are under-levelled. This is incredibly powerful considering that after it Zaps it will then take out two units at a time.

What is up everyone. The Electro Wizard is a legendary card that is strong but not overpowered. He has a 1. He can stun up to two units. If it only targets 1 unit, then he will deal the FULL damage. If he attacks 2 units,.

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