Pokemon sun festival plaza

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pokemon sun festival plaza

A new set of Global missions for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were revealed on November.

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The Plaza is owned by Trial Captain Sophocles. Other players can visit your Festival Plaza, with whom you can battle and trade. You can check players who have visited your Festival Plaza in your player lists:. Among the visitors, there will be a handful who need something from you. This may be some request or question , or they may simply wish to share some information.

The Festival Plaza in Pokemon Sun and Moon hosts a variety of communication features such as online battling and training. Trial Captain Sophocles will give you a short tutorial the first time you open Festival Plaza. He'll also be the one to gift you items , Festival Coins, upgrades, and Festival Tickets every time your Festival Plaza ranks up. There are a ton of different options to choose from, and more phrases can be obtained through Fortune Teller Tents. Note: Many of the "guests" you'll see will be "NPCs. A VIP will always appear at the front of the castle in the Festival Plaza , making them easy to find!

It is owned by Sophocles and has similarities to features from the Entralink missions and Join Avenue shops in Generation V. Festival Plaza can be visited by selecting it from the menu , but it is not present when the game is first started. If the Festival Plaza icon has a green "! When the player first visits Festival Plaza, Sophocles greets them and recruits them to make other visitors feel welcome at Festival Plaza. Satisfied visitors will reward the player with Festival Coins abbreviated as FC , which can be used at any of the seven shops that ring Festival Plaza. As the player earns more Festival Coins from visitors, their Festival Plaza Rank will go up, which will unlock certain features and allow the player to replace old facilities with new ones. The player can also participate in missions to earn Festival Coins.

Rare Kitchen 4 or 5 Stars - At the beginning, having one of these on your Festival Plaza is kind of useless. You have to get your Festival Plaza to at least level 30 and have beaten the Elite Four. Get the Rare Dinner, which gives you seven level-ups for FC. Treasure Hunt 5 Stars - The best lottery out of the three available, the Treasure Hunt stand will give you massive payoffs if you are lucky. Dye Shop- You can have one of these at any level if you just want to change your colors to something basic, but if you want cool effects, you are going to need rank five. At the rank five Dye Shop, you can get dark, pastel and even bright colors.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Festival Plaza


Festival Plaza

It is accessed by pressing the special Festival Plaza icon on the bottom screen at any time, warping you there. As you do more things in the Festival Plaza, then more facilities and more things to do in those facilities will become available as you level up. To level up, you need to earn Festival Coins by doing a variety of activities. The unique feature about the Festival Plaza is that it will propogate itself with players you will find online and locally, and from there you can interact with their avatars and help earn Festival Coins to spend on the various activities in the Plaza. This is not limited to people on your friend list, but rather all players that are also playing online, and when they see you they can even challenge you to battles or request trades. As you rank up, when you speak to Sophocles in the Festival Castle, you will be offered a brand new facility to adorne your Plaza if you do so wish, and will give you an item if you don't such as Pearl, Big Pearl, Nugget and Festival Ticket.

If you've been journeying in the Alola region, you've probably made a trip to Festival Plaza, accessible via the X menu. Festival Plaza is full of valuable and fun features that can help you in all kinds of ways. There's a lot happening, so if you've had trouble understanding everything going on, this article will give you a hand. Helping Sophocles expand Festival Plaza can be one of the most rewarding activities you'll encounter during your adventures in the Alola region. The most prominent features of Festival Plaza are certainly the facilities you can visit.

Festival Coins are going to be the main currency you collect during your time in Festival Plaza. These coins also determine your rank, which will increase as you collect more Festival Coins from the various activities available in the plaza. These give you access to unique rewards like special missions, new themes for the castle at the center of the plaza, and enhanced services at the shops. There are around 35 different facilities available to you, each of which has a specific function and reward list tied to it. Many share similar functionality, but with different results, meaning one may better suit your goals than another depending on how you approach gaining Festival Coins and customizing your own personal Festival Plaza.

How to Best Use the Festival Plaza in the New 'Pokemon'

In addition, facilities can be bought and developed to dye clothes, train EVs, increase happiness, increase levels and more. Enter Festival Plaza for the first time, and Sophocles will give you a short tutorial. You can interact with visitors in your Festival Plaza to buy their clothes, or stores, or earn FC. Visitors with interactions that may earn FC will have a red speech bubble above their head, not the default blue. They may ask you to listen , tell , or direct them to a shop. When asked to direct visitors to a store, the visitor will give a hint as to the type of store they would like to visit.




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