Batman 1989 making of

BATMAN: THE MAKING OF A HERO - 1989 Tim Burton Batman Documentary

batman 1989 making of

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For a little while there, people were shaving the Batman insignia into their hair. People were so fired up about this movie that they wanted to become the movie somehow. Kids were quoting lines from the movie at each other on playgrounds before the movie had even come out, just from the TV commercials. Event movies arrive pretty routinely these days, but none of them feel like actual cultural events the way that Batman did. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade made more money internationally that year, and I loved that movie, saw it twice in the theater.

Such was the painful birth of Batman into the world. While hardly the original big budgeted superhero movie, it would go on to become one of the most influential. Between these diametrically opposed poles, a new type of movie that would come to define 21st century cinema would emerge. Yet there will never be another superhero movie quite like Batman , a fidgety and even transgressive blockbuster that still stands apart and above most of its descendants. Folks getting upset at the casting of beloved characters is as old as the movies— and will continue to be —but this intentional departure from square jawed, forthright heroism heralded something new and different, including from the most beloved superhero movies that followed. It was in this context that Bat-fan Michael Uslan broke into Hollywood.

Exactly 30 years ago, in the summer of , the world was swept off its feet by a creature of the night. Due to preliminary marketing and merchandising which gave rise to a large-scale Bat-Mania, it came as no surprise that the hyped feature-length movie about the comic book superhero would lure Batman fans and non-biased moviegoers alike into the darkness of movie theaters. The film had, in fact, become a hit before even being screened—a vast array of tie-in merchandise, T-shirts, toys, cereals and the like was put on the market to ensure that endgame. When the teaser was released, fans even went out of their way to pay the full price of a movie ticket just to see it, subsequently walking out before the beginning of the respective film, without demanding a refund. But if you asked Warner Bros. Fan outrage over Keaton, on the other hand, had reached surprisingly massive proportions, with Warner Bros. And it worked.

Tim Burton showed just how big a comic book-based movie could be with his blockbuster Batman.
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This article was first published in Empire Magazine Issue 2 August There were no half measures when Hollywood finally decided to make Batman. For three months last year helicopters flew overhead to try to catch a glimpse of this forbidden city as the dramas unfolded down below. Iain Johnstone was on the set. This is his exclusive report…. The acre back lot at Pinewood Studios has been the setting for some of the loftier visions of movie designers down the years. The heroic amphitheatres for Superman One, Two and Three, the original city of Alexandria before Elizabeth Taylor's illness shifted it to Italy and most of James Bond's exotic trouble spots were all lovingly created here in this Hollywood of the Home Counties.


Behind the scenes of Tim Burton's 'Batman'




Batman 1989 The Making of a Hero (Remastered)

By Issue #2 (August ) | Posted 8 May Movies: Batman Day One in the filming of Batman, the most eagerly-awaited movie of the year!Batman.
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  1. Inspired by the earliest issues of Detective Comics as well as the grittier Batman comics of the s including the work of Frank Miller and Alan Moore , the film moved the franchise back toward Batman's dark roots and away from the comedic, child-oriented interpretation of the character previously seen in mass media.

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