Testa di arlecchino picasso

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testa di arlecchino picasso

Dentro la maschera di arlecchino

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Two extraordinary cores, rarely leaving the Museum Reina Sofia and testifying to a journey that began from ancient myth, from that Minotaur that so much importance had to Picasso, in the reflection on the state of the art and the artist. In monster and artist identify with each other and you see the theme of bullfighting, mind the following year the Minotaur is condemned to wander, blind, led by a little girl. Only two years, and the Civil War broke out in Spain, April 26 th , culminated in the bloody bombing of Guernica. Well known is the story of the great canvas of Picasso: Time, in Florence, it is documented through sensational sketches and drawings, made day after day, May 2 to 27, and which form the genesis, starting right from the Minotaur, a masterpiece became icon and encouragement to peace. Two of his paintings with Painter and Model then open and close the exhibition and seem to ask the visitor a careful reflection on the deeper meaning of artistic creation. Video of the press conference. Home Blog Not only Picasso.

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la coppia che scoppia stanno insieme

I ricordi scorrono veloci e Dolores racconta come un fiume in piena. Dopo il liceo scientifico Dolores torna a Milano, dove era nata nel e frequenta il Teatro alla Scala. Nel Dolores diventa aiuto di Nicola Benois : unica donna nella squadra del celebre scenografo, costumista, pittore, discendente di una stirpe di artisti russi entrati nella leggenda della Scala di Milano. Le mie sono nel teatro, nella danza, nella musica. Molti suoni diventano immagini nella mia memoria. In classe ha per compagne ragazze ebree, russe e ortodosse. Mentre la mente viaggia, il corpo si muove.

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Tre arresti per i capolavori rubati al Museo di Rotterdam


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