Mona lisa age twelve

Mona Lisa at the Age of Twelve Years

mona lisa age twelve

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Fernando Botero — Mona Lisa , , x cm. At the beginning of the late s, an artist known as Fernando Botero emerged and started transforming painting from famous artists from Europe such as those of Peter Rueben and inflating them in an almost comical manner. Because he would often use rotund and overweight figures, his sculptures have always been accompanied by an air of pompous absurdity and his Mona Lisa portraits are no different. In painting the Mona Lisa in the way that he did, he created an image that was so far removed and unlike the original painting currently housed at the Louvre, that the final result almost felt like a joke or parody. This best-selling Colombian artist is known primarily for his sculptures and paintings that consist of overblown human and animal shapes and characters. Fernando Botero — Mona Lisa , , oil on canvas,

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Fernando Botero paintings are truly unique and easily recognizable. When once asked to define an artistic style , he replied that the test should be a humble orange. As he explained, despite universal qualities of size and shape, an orange depicted by one artist would be impossible to mistake for an orange painted by another. Few artists have created such an immediately recognizable style as Botero. His signature style, also known as Boterismo , relies on bloated exaggerated volume in order to represent anything from political criticism to humor, depending on what the goal is. These hyper-inflated, voluptuous figures form one of the most unique bodies of work in 20th- and 21st-century art.

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No, this is not some cute digital artwork made by some eager enthusiast! This, in fact, is Mona Lisa by Fernando Botero b. Now, how did he move towards this particular painting style? You adopt a position intuitively; only later do you attempt to rationalize or even justify it. His style is unique, recognizable from a mile away and has its roots in satire.

Mona Lisa by Fernando Botero

Mona Lisa, Age Twelve



Mona Lisa at The Age of Twelve Years






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