Arsenal firearms strike one review

Arsenal Firearms Strike One | Review

arsenal firearms strike one review

Aug 3, If we're keeping score, though, it's now the Strike One from Arsenal Firearms that's king of the lowest hill. Great in theory and on paper, but what.


Anyway, you can imagine how a relatively new Russian-designed pistol would pique my interest. Any number of factors may have played into that, including testing, manufacturing, distribution or whatever. You may have heard about that on the news. No worries, though, because firearm manufacturers are nothing if not inventive. By sending unfinished pistols to Italy, the guns are now able to me stamped "Made in Italy" and imported to the U. Richard, one of the friendly folks over at my LGS picked up a Strike One recently and has been bugging me to try it out and write it up. So here goes.

A while back I made a comment in one of the Disqus threads about wanting to test the Strike One pistol, much to my surprise a few weeks ago Lorri from Sooner State Arsenal contacted me and asked if I would like to review the Strike One. I jumped at the chance, I would have been foolish to say no. I have been drooling over the chance to get behind one of these guns as soon as I saw a photo of one. I seem to have a thing for strange looking pistols, the Arsenal Firearms Strike One certainly fits the bill, it is rather unconventional looking. To expand a bit more about why it is so unconventional looking I should probably mention the locking system that the designer used. The designer of the pistol used a Y shaped block that slides over the barrel.

Aug 7, I finally got my brand new Arsenal Firearms Strike One, one of the first produced, the first passing the Swiss border, and in the last week I.
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The pistol I reviewed had been further enhanced with a Bronze on Bronze camouflage cerakote pattern by Omaha Outdoors. I also did not note any ammunition which did not shoot at least acceptably well with the Strike One. With the Strike One, however, everything shot well. Like another fantastically accurate pistol, the Beretta 92FS, the Strike One does not have a tilting barrel. This brings me to shootability. How well does the pistol shoot in hand, on the move, and under stress?

Salient Arms International Strike One Review

Not like a 9mm has much recoil in the first place, but when placed into the LRC-2 kit, the only thing I had to get used to was the added weight. The assembly process to kick off the LRC-2 is a bit of a trip. It starts by taking a regular semi-automatic Strike One AF-1 pistol and then inserting it into a larger kit with an in-line barrel and a locking system to flush it up with its bigger components.

Mar 9, I seem to have a thing for strange looking pistols, the Arsenal Firearms Strike One certainly fits the bill, it is rather unconventional looking.
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