No one can love you

No One Can Love You More Than Me

no one can love you

Nobody Will Love You Like I Do

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They say love is something that is not just found in intimate relationships, it can also be something you can find in your family, in friendships you have, even in your pets. You go to the mall and see couples everywhere. You watch your friends getting into relationships and you end up questioning the world why was it too easy for them to find someone to love them, and too hard for you. That you are completely fine with being single. But most days you just really feel so alone. You are beautiful.

To have someone on the hard days to help comfort me and keep me in tune with reality would be wonderful. It would also be nice to share my life with someone who cares enough to want the same. For people like me who are now in their 20s but have dealt with mental illness from a very young age, it feels like our chances of fully recovering dwindle the closer we get to I have to accept the fact that there is always a chance I may never get better. I have to accept the fact that I may not ever come to find love for myself.

You have to love yourself before you can ever truly love anyone else, and these love yourself quotes should serve as your reminder to always appreciate that person staring back at you in the mirror. Keep reading to see our favorite self love quotes to show you just how awesome you are from the inside out! We can give amazing advice to other people about how they can develop their own self-esteem, but when that conversation is over we can still struggle with loving ourselves. But the good news is, we can change how we think about and talk to ourselves. You can feel good about yourself. One of the most important lessons we can learn in life is to love ourselves because how we treat our self, will directly impact how we treat others. Our confidence will come from self love.

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