One day it will be over

Live This Day As If It’s Your Last – Inspirational Speech

one day it will be over

One Day It Will Be Over - LIVE NOW - Motivational Speech

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Happiness 5 comments. Two questions that have the power to transform our lives in the most significant and fundamental ways. Have you really truly realised deep down that some day this life you have is going to be over? Given this we need to love what we do for work as what we do for work is a part of our life. A large one in fact, as it takes up a large proportion of our time.

Everything will end one day. The biggest reality and truth of life is, death. Steve Jobs once said that death is one of the best invention of life. He believed knowing that one day I am gonna die is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking that I have something to lose. We all are already naked. Everything we possess will just remain here, on earth.

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No one is given a guarantee of tomorrow, next week or next year. Many of us act as if we are going to live forever. We postpone things that we know deep down we must do: Going after our dreams Telling those we love how we really feel Taking that course… NOT taking that job. Saying yes. Saying no. We forget even the longest of lives flash by so fast We settle.

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