You re not alone traduzione

Nick Cave, I Need You

you re not alone traduzione

Traduzione You're Not Alone. It's been hard for me to breathe for such a long time . I only stayed so I could hold you, maybe ease your mind. I can't hold you.


Nick Cave, I Need You. Skeleton Tree. I saw you standing there in the supermarket. With your red dress falling and your eyes are to the ground. Con il tuo vestito rosso che cadeva e gli occhi bassi. Nothing really matters, nothing really matters. You're walking 'round my place in your red dress,.

I know it by the feeling. Someone to love with my life in their hands. Somebody else that feels the same somewhere. Is it that moment when I find the one that I spend forever with? Is there somebody else that feels the same somewhere?

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Chords for Mads langer - You're not alone - traduzione Testo Italiano. Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams. Includes.
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Testo Save Me powered by Musixmatch. Home Lucidious Traduzione Save Me. Save Me traduzione. Have you ever felt like giving up? Has life ever pushed you so far That you wanna, check out? You're not alone non sei solo And there's hope for all of us Dear Lucid, I am your biggest fan Please write me back if you get the chance If you can't then I would understand You're a busy man and I'm just a fan No one cares about me, no one gives a damn Really feel like you and me are the same I know what you're saying I'm feeling your pain Lately I wanna give up but I had to tell you what your music had done Had to tell you that you just saved my life Within the last week man I cut myself twice Can't believe I went that deep with a knife Then I just fainted when blood was in sight Next thing I saw was a hospital light Doctor that's shaking me saying alright Losing him, check the pulse Shock to the chest with electric volts Fading away to a comatose While the parents outside wanna hold him close.

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You're Not the One testo

El clavo (traduzione in Inglese)




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