Red bull and marijuana

Energy Drinks and False Positive Drug Tests

red bull and marijuana

So what would happen if i drank a redbull then smoked or smoked then drank a redbull, either way. I got a redbull in my fridge that i bought.


Eighty percent of Americans get a daily jolt from caffeine , and now, as marijuana legalization has spread across the nation, some users and businesses have begun touting a combination of the two drugs. If I get nicely stoned then drink a strong cup of coffee, the effects mix so perfectly," wrote one Reddit user. Caffeine exerts its effects by blocking receptors in the brain for a neurotransmitter called adenosine, Ferre told Live Science. Adenosine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, meaning that it blocks other neurotransmitters that excite the neurons; its activity thus leads to feelings of fatigue. So, by blocking adenosine, caffeine changes peoples' moods and leaves them feeling more alert and awake. Caffeine is also known to boost another neurotransmitter: dopamine, Ferre said.

It was after a holiday party and I was certain that when the ambulance came, I would be arrested. They laughed. There arose this trend of mixing alcohol with Red Bull and that crossed over to cannabis and Red Bull and that produces a different effect than some people like. But there are no real studies to support that water will get you through a high quicker. According to Tishler, sadly, this probably has no benefit, either. Distractions, however, are the best thing to get you through a bad high, he said.

Marijuana & Redbull

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Stoned Plus Buzzed: Mixing Caffeine and Pot Brings New Risks

Following on the heels of reports about the dangers of certain energy drinks and links to caffeine intoxication and deaths, come new reports of energy drinks causing false positive drug test results. Recently, while in court on a drug test compliance calendar, my client tested positive for the presence of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Based on these results, he was facing numerous adverse consequences, including revocation of his probation, loss of first offender sentencing and jail time. My client swore that he had not consumed marijuana nor been around anyone that had. After much deliberation, we were able to get the court to agree to allow him to take a second test. I took my client to the side and quizzed him about the positive test result and how it could have occurred. My client reiterated that the only thing he had consumed that day was a Monster brand energy drink a half an hour or so before his drug test.

So, one might think that if you smoke and drink at the same time, the two effects will combine. Neurochemistry is far more complicated than adding left and right, though. Lukas found that not only did the two effects combine, but in some instances, the effects considerably became amplified. Oddly, this seems to happen only when you drink first, and then smoke. This happens, Lukas says, because alcohol opens up blood vessels in the gastrointestinal tract helping the THC to be absorbed more efficiently.


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  1. As marijuana use becomes more common, so may using the drug together with caffeine. But what do we know about the health effects of.

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