Ricetta panzerotti al forno

Panzerotti Dough ( Traditional Italian Panzerotto Dough Recipe ) Recipe

ricetta panzerotti al forno

MINI CALZONI FRITTI E AL FORNO PRONTI IN 5 MINUTI !! Ricetta Facile Senza Lievitazione

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On this occasion I tweaked the basic recipe with savoury pies and croissants in mind and decided to add sweet paprika powder to the flour. This puff pastry is ideal for small pies and finger food to nibble on before dinner. When I was a little girl right before Christmas it was tradition that I, my older sister and my father would go shopping in Milan on a Saturday. A special event, an opportunity for us to spend some time alone with our Daddy, who was often away from home for business matters. On this same Friday, but twenty-eight years ago, I would be counting the money safely stored in my piggy bank, waiting impatiently for the next morning to come. To my eyes Milan was magical place. I recall the bitter cold which would redden our cheeks and noses.

Ingredienti per 8 calzoni: Pasta brioche: gr. Avviate la planetaria e lasciate lavorare la pasta con il gancio impastatore per 5 minuti. Si consiglia di preparare delle palline da gr. Mettete a lievitare la pasta brioche per 30 minuti circa. A questo punto prendete una pallina di impasto ed allargatela con un matterello conferendole una forma circolare. Disponete i calzoni su una teglia foderata di carta forno. I calzoni saranno pronti quando saranno ben dorati in superficie.

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