Ativ book 9 2014 edition prezzo

Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 (NP930X5J-K02DE) Ultrabook Review

ativ book 9 2014 edition prezzo

Samsung ATIV Book 9 (2014 Edition)

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Its backlit keyboard and large touchpad are generally excellent as is its p-resolution LCD. The Bottom Line A big-screen ultrabook with a long, long battery life, the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Edition delivers a high-end laptop experience for its premium price. Samsung's Ativ Book 9 Edition certainly looks and feels the part of a premium ultrabook. Its sturdy aluminum chassis has the same sweeping lines as Samsung's It's also larger at

Model with flaws. Thin, elegant, noble and expensive. The latest Ultrabook from Samsung's popular ATIV 9-series has high ambitions and cannot only convince with its design. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks as well that prevent a very good rating, although the most annoying issue could be solved with a simple update. For the original German review, see here.

The Good The Samsung Ativ Book 9 Edition is an attractive aluminum-clad inch laptop made for mobility with a body that's less than.
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The Samsung ATIV Book 9 is a beautiful, elegantly thin laptop that will turn heads when you pull it out of your designer messenger bag. It does have a DAC, but this one chip also integrates a host of other functions that are handled by discrete processors in top-shelf audio gear like the components I just mentioned. But it had trouble with some high-resolution audio files, and it sometimes refused to display album art. The Toshiba is outfitted with a hybrid drive. Its backlit, island-style keyboard feels awesome under the fingertips, delivering just the right tactile feedback. And its oversized trackpad is exceedingly responsive and accurate.

So many Ultrabooks in our laptop buyer's guide : Not one with a inch screen. Which is strange, because it seemed for a while that bigger-screen ultraportables were going to become a thing; HP, Sony and ASUS all tried their hand at super-light inch machines. Two years later, though, Samsung is one of the only companies that's still at it. Like the original, it's insanely thin and light for a machine with this screen size, except now, it graduates to a full HD touchscreen, longer battery life and updated processors. Most notable of all, it features an improved audio setup with a built-in digital-to-analog converter allowing you to play back lossless, or "studio-quality" audio formats. That raises an interesting question, then: Who should buy this?

Slimmer, lighter design and larger display than previous iteration. Premium materials. Fourth-generation Intel Core i5 processor and GB solid-state drive keep things speedy. All-day battery life. Full-size HDMI port. Sound technology geared toward audiophiles.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 (2014 Edition) Review

Samsung ATIV Book 9 (2014) review

Light, thin and thoroughly professional, the system emulated the Air well, but also suffered from many of its drawbacks, including limited performance, and an intimidating MSRP. Since then, the ATIV Book 9 has evolved into a full lineup of systems that combine super-thin aesthetics, with capable hardware. The model we received for review exemplifies this. Though certainly svelte, the system boasts a These are specifications that should prove capable of handling what most users will throw at it.

Users looking for a productivity-friendly notebook with strong multimedia prowess and long battery life have a compelling option in the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Edition. The Is it worth the money? Its attractive aluminum body is a color Samsung calls "Mineral Ash Black" that looks just a little blue in the right light. The hinge and gracefully tapered sides provide a welcome silver accent, while a Samsung logo, also silver, on the lid adds a touch of class. At




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  1. The Samsung ATIV Book 9 ( Edition) packs a p touch screen and long battery life into a slim, elegant chassis.

  2. The Samsung Ativ Book 9 Edition should be on your short list if you want a premium, long-lasting ultrabook, but don't need a.

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